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World of Winx: Season 2 (2 DVD) is the DVD release for the second season of World of Winx. The disc was released on February 8, 2018, and it features the full complete Season 2 Italian dub.


The Winx continue their mission on Earth and in the World of Dreams. By obtaining the Onyrix power, they discover that the evil Queen of the World of Dreams is actually the fairy, Tinkerbell who became cruel after being abandoned by Peter Pan. To stop her fury, the Winx start looking for Matt, Peter Pan's son, in a new thrilling undercover mission.

Featured Episodes


  1. Neverland
  2. Peter Pan's Son
  3. The Alligator Man
  4. Mermaids on Earth
  5. Fashion School Thrills
  6. The Girl in the Stars


  1. A Flower in the Snow
  2. Tiger Lily
  3. A Hero Will Come
  4. Technomagic Trap
  5. Jim's Revenge
  6. Old Friends and New Enemies
  7. Tinkerbell Is Back

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