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This article is about the game. You may be looking for the Winx Club spin-off series.
World of Winx is an online adventure game on the Nickelodeon website.


In World of Winx, the player must go through multiple stages to retrieve Stella's sceptre-ring.

How to Play

Choice of Characters


Choosing a Winx Girl

Choice of Transformation


  • Flying once touching the purple wings

Spell Abilities

  • Spell Pulse (pusher);
  • Spell Pull (puller);
  • Summon a tote bag, book, or flower pot;
  • Enchantix Sphere (Bloom);
  • Bubble Bringer (Aisha);
  • Musical Bounce (Musa);
  • Flower Power (Flora);
  • Vortex (Tecna);
  • Ranging Rainbow (Stella);
  • Levitation/Float


  • Bloom's hair in Enchantix form is not styled.
  • Tecna's name is misspelled "Techna".
  • Musa's Charmix outfit is missing the pink fabric between her top and skirt.
  • Aisha's gloves in Enchantix are green.
  • This is the only time Nick features the Charmix with the original Charmix accessories.
  • Musa's Winx wings are too big.
  • Tecna has only a flag like shape of her wings in the Charmix.
  • The 'outfits' and 'poses' are the same in the Nickelodeon game: Winx Club: Dress Me Up
  • Aisha's shirt in Believix is sleeveless. Also, she has two gloves instead of one glove and bracelet.
  • Stella's Charmix wings are improper.
  • Tecna's hair in her Enchantix form is longer than the original.
  • Bloom's Charmix wings are too big.
  • Bloom's Enchantix wings do not have background colors inside.


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