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World of Winx is a spin-off series of Winx Club, created by Iginio Straffi. It premiered on November 4, 2016 and has two seasons, with thirteen episodes per season, with a length of twenty-two minutes per episode.

The series was produced by Rainbow S.p.A., which is co-owned by Straffi and Viacom. It is available on Netflix in various countries, but Netflix did "not enter the creative process on scripts, characters or plot lines" according to the production crew.[2]



Winx Club is sent to search for talented kids around the world, but the mysterious thief steals them and powerful fairies will try to prevent it.


…In their new iteration, the Winx fairies visit Earth as scouts for a talent show called WOW! As they search across the globe for talented kids, they come across the Talent Thief - a mysterious villain who is capturing gifted children. The Winx must go undercover and hide their fairy identities - often with hilarious consequences - to outfox the Talent Thief find his secret headquarters and protect the children of Earth.



The Winx will embark on an undercover journey all around the world looking for talented kids in art, sports, music, and science. These kids have their own kind of magic, and the Winx Club fairies are enchanted by them though it doesn't take long before trouble sets in, and a new and dangerous mystery for Bloom and the others to solve.


As talent scouts for WOW!, a talent show, the Winx are on Earth and they are busy to find boys and girls around the world, with a natural talent and a dream to achieve (in different fields, like singing, dance, information technology, music, art and so on...).

This task for them is funny but hard as well, because when they move from one city to another, they have to be careful to hide their fairy identities in their most dangerous mission ever: catching the Talent Thief, a mysterious and powerful being that, for unknown reasons, has already kidnapped some talented people. And it is going to do it again now.

The Winx have to act undercover finding and saving all the talents in danger... they will be in the middle of comical situations very often; investigating without drawing attention will bring the six girls to do so many different jobs (dog-sitters, journalists, waitresses, etc...) as long as they find the kidnapper's refuge: a mysterious and magical island.

This island is the mythical Neverland, ruled by a cruel queen, who once was a little fairy called Tinkerbell. Without her Peter Pan, grown-up and far away, the little fairy is grown-up as well now and is ready for her revenge, capturing the special people of the whole world in order to create her own new court of Lost Boys.


Season 1

The Winx with their first talent, Annabelle.

Main article: Season 1 (World of Winx)

And this time the Winx are deep undercover on Earth, for the most top secret mission: to investigate the mysterious Talent Thief. And determined to save talented boys and girls in danger, along with an energetic host named Ace, they star in the talent reality show "WOW"!

Season 2

The Winx in their Onyrix.

Main article: Season 2 (World of Winx)

The Winx are back with an awesome new mission: Save Neverland from the evil Queen by finding her old pal, Peter Pan.

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  • According to an article from Kidscreen:[2]
    • The show will have two seasons, each with thirteen, 22 minute episodes designed for VOD (video on demand) viewing. Season one premiered on November 2016, followed by season two premiered on June 2017.
    • The Winx will go undercover to find kids with talent in art, sports, music, and science. But a "dangerous mystery" will complicate their search.
    • The target audience is 8-12 year old, the same age group Rainbow S.p.A. was aiming for while developing Winx Club season one. (The article says the classic show's audience is 4-8 year old, which is a smaller range than what is listed on Rainbow's website.)
    • The show takes place on Earth instead of the Magic Dimension. The setting is described as "urban and metropolitan."
    • The show will feature "a completely different artistic look and feel, brand-new characters, and more thrilling and mysterious plot twists not commonly found in the classic series."
    • According to Cristiana Buzzelli, Rainbow's Vice President of Content, Netflix did not "enter the creative process on scripts, characters, or plot lines." In other words, they did not help write the show.
    • Rainbow wants to make World of Winx a separate franchise. They are already building a licensing program for it.
  • The working title for the series was Winx Club WOW: World of Winx.
  • Instead of the classic art style (seen in Winx Club and PopPixie), World of Winx uses the Fairy Couture art style.
    • The civilian outfits of Bloom, Stella and Flora were previously seen in illustrations of Bloom - Il Mio Sogno di Moda - a novel of Winx Fairy Couture Series, which also uses the Fairy Couture art style.
  • The main setting of the show is Earth which is similar to the fourth season of Winx Club.
    • Events that occur in World of Winx take place in a universe entirely separate from the one established in Winx Club, as too many inconsistencies would crop up with any attempts made to merge the two timelines
  • The show is shown to have good ratings on both Netflix and Rai Gulp.
  • This is the second Winx Club spin-off to be featured on Netflix, the first being PopPixie.
  • World of Winx is the first series based on the Winx Club franchise to be produced for Netflix. The second is Fate: The Winx Saga.
  • Songs from the original Winx Club seasons can be heard as background music in the series.
  • In the comics, World of Winx takes place after Season 7.
  • The show's title is named World of Winx due to the fact that the Winx will travel around the world a lot.
  • Unlike the main series, the show does not feature previews of the next episodes instead they only feature recaps of the past episodes.
  • Along with PopPixie and Season 8, this is the only series which does not include an album for the soundtracks.
  • Unlike the main series, World of Winx is narrated by Bloom.
    • Winx Club would later be narrated by Bloom as well.

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