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New Powers is the second episode of the first season of World of Winx.


After Bloom dreams she saw Annabelle trapped in a magic forest, she, Tecna and Flora pretend to be sick, then retrace the singer's last steps.


Annabelle wakes up and finds herself lost in a dark forest. As she wanders around, three shadows slither towards her and rise from the ground. Terrified, Annabelle runs away as fast as she can as the shadows give chase. She hides behind a tree and watches as the shadows slither off in different directions. Luckily, none of the shadows are able to find her and they slither off into the darkness.

Bloom finds herself on a murky beach and approaches the dark waters. When she looks into her reflection on the water, it turns into Annabelle's, startling her. Bloom then decides to explore the forest just beyond the beach and as she wanders around, she finds that all of the missing talents seem to be lost within the forest as well. She tries to reach out to the lost talents but she is grabbed by the wrist. When she turns to see who grabbed her, she comes face to face with Annabelle, who had been looking for Bloom and the Winx for help.

Annabelle and Bloom reunite!

Bloom tells Annabelle that she had been worried about her ever since her disappearance and Annabelle notices that one of her earrings is still missing. Bloom tries to figure out what this means but the two girls are interrupted by crackling sounds. Annabelle gets frightened and runs away but Bloom stands there confused. Realizing that Annabelle had run off, Bloom runs after her but gets grabbed by tough vines, stopping her in her tracks. The crackling gets increasingly louder as Bloom struggles to squeeze past the vines. She shouts Annabelle's name and, before she knows it, she wakes up in her bedroom back at the loft.

Aisha assures Bloom that she was just experiencing a nightmare as the rest of the Winx gather around. Flora offers Bloom some of her tea, believing that it will help her calm down, and Bloom thanks her as she takes the cup of tea. She then tells the girls that she does not believe that her dream was just a simple bad dream and claims that she was able to see Annabelle. She insists that Annabelle was trying to tell her something and Musa asks if Annabelle was okay. Bloom is certain that Annabelle needs their help and explains that she seems to be trapped in some kind of forest. However, before they can talk about this predicament any longer, the WOW theme sounds, signalling the start of the show.

The judges appearing.

Ace welcomes everyone to another episode of Wow! and cues the judges' entrance. Margot appears first and claims that she hates talents, but the only thing she loves is her dog, Puff. Cliff appears right afterwards and claims that if a person is spontaneous, then they are also talented.

As Ace announces the camera drones' arrival, Bloom insists that they need to find Annabelle and claims that they cannot look for her if they are stuck being filmed for the whole day. Stella, who is obviously annoyed, tries to storm off to deal with the cameras but is stopped by Musa. Tecna asks what they should do now that the drones will be at their loft at any second and Stella assures the girls to leave it all to her.

Back on set, Ace announces that they will be reviewing Annabelle's performance from last night and plays a small clip of the performance. Afterwards, Ace asks Cliff how he thought of Annabelle, to which Cliff claims that he found her to be mesmerizing. Ace then asks Margot for her opinion, and she claims that Annabelle's exit was just as poor as her performance. Ace directs the audience to the big screen as he teases the possibility of whether or not their six talent scouts have been able to find Annabelle.

The drones arrive in the Winx's living room as Ace wishes them a good morning, only to realize that their room is completely empty. Just then, Stella pops into frame and blows kisses at all of her fans. Ace greets Stella and asks what the latest update is. Stella asks if he means the latest update on her smartphone until Ace clarifies that he is talking about Annabelle. Stella then claims that Annabelle will not be returning to WOW. Shocked and confused, Ace reminds Stella that Annabelle could have made it to their final contest, but Stella insists that Annabelle told her that she already managed to realize her dream by performing in front of an adoring audience. Ace laments over how they now have one less finalist until Aisha and Musa come into frame; Aisha claiming that they are up to the challenge. Ace then asks where the other Winx girls are and Stella tells the drones to come with her.

The show then cuts to a shot of the Winx's bedroom, where Stella explains that Bloom is feeling "under the weather." She then shows that Flora is not feeling well either and neither is Tecna. Ace urges the three sick Winx to get on their feet as a minor cold should not be keeping them in bed, but Tecna claims that after conducting an analysis of her symptoms, a full day of bed-rest for her, Bloom and Flora is in order. Ace insists that WOW cannot stop airing for an entire day and claims that the show must go on.

Stella excitedly shows the audience her fully equipped walk-in closet until Musa and Aisha bring her back to her senses. She apologizes and agrees with Ace, claiming that the show must go on and that they cannot wait to show everyone a new talent. Ace agrees with Stella's sentiment as he declares that, even though they are split in half, the Winx are still ready for WOW.

Let's find that talent!

As the three girls head out, Stella encourages the camera drones to follow them and Ace has them do just that. Once the three fairies have left with the drones in tow, the "sick" Winx girls sneak out of their room and onto the terrace, where they see the Winxmobile drive off with the drones. Now that the drones are ignoring them, Bloom urges for Tecna and Flora to spring into action alongside her.

As Aisha drives the Winxmobile around, Musa asks Stella about how they will be able to find that talent. Stella assures Musa that a talent will pop up when they least expect it and laughs to herself. One of the drones flies up to one of the windows and Stella insists that they need to lose the cameras first, so Aisha picks up speed.

On the WOW set, Ace is lounging in his dressing room where he is being tended to by his two makeup artists. He sees that the Winxmobile has sped off, causing the drones to lose it, and quickly becomes annoyed. He tells someone to make sure that the drones do not lose sight of the Winx until the director's assistant whispers to Ace that he is on the air. Ace shoos his makeup artists away as he tries to collect him, telling the audience that they will be able to find out where the Winx have gone off to after a word from their sponsor. Now that the show has cut to commercial, Ace grows furious with how his forehead is still too shiny and screams for his makeup artists.

Stella introducing "Myria."

Somewhere else in the city, the girls have set up a stage where their talent will perform. Musa, dressed in disguise, asks how they will be able to pull this off as she has not had time to prep at all. Stella claims that she can just improvise and drags a reluctant Musa on-stage.

Once on-stage, Stella introduces Musa as an actress named Myria who is "out of this world." The audience cheer Myria on as she begins her performance. However, it is not as good as they had been led to believe. "Myria" tries to act out as much as she can remember but has a hard time moving around on stage as her dress trips her up and her hair keeps blocking her view.

On WOW, Ace asks the judges whether or not Myria is Wow! or Out. Margot ranks Myria's acting at a zero on a scale from 1 to 10, but Cliff wants Myria to continue on WOW, believing that she will improve. However, as Myria continues to act, the audience starts to boo at her. As the crowd boos, a man in a red jacket calls someone on his cellphone.

Evans watching video footage of the Winx helping around the café.

In another part of the park, just behind the crowd, a woman working in a taco truck gets a phone call. A hefty man walks over and asks for a spicy taco but the woman ignores him. The man on the other line, named Gómez, reports that the two Winx girls were with Annabelle shortly before her disappearance. The woman watches over video footage of the Winx helping around the café and asks where the other Winx girl is. Gómez looks around, claiming that she may be around somewhere and tells the woman to give him more time; specifically referring to her as "darling." The woman demands that Gómez not to call her that and hangs up. The hefty man who had been waiting for his spicy taco asks if the woman can give him a large one but the woman claims that it is closing time and slams the shutters on him.

In another side of town, Bloom, Tecna and Flora try to come up with any clues towards Annabelle's disappearance. Bloom is certain that the earring must be a clue because Annabelle was trying to show it to her in her dream. Tecna asks if Bloom is talking about one earring or multiple earrings and Bloom clarifies that Annabelle was only wearing one when she saw her. She sketches out the earring on her tablet and shows it to Tecna and Flora. However, on another side of the café's terrace, Gómez takes a picture of the three girls and watches them. Just then, Louise approaches him and asks if he is ready to order. He lists off a large amount of food and Louise walks back inside, rolling her eyes. As she walks back inside, Flora watches her and notices that Louise has a very sorrowful look on her face.

In the kitchen, Louise is crying to herself until Flora walks in to ask if she is okay. She claims that she is and Flora assures Louise that they are all worried about Annabelle, claiming that it is alright to feel sad and scared. Louise tells Flora that she is scared at the possibility of Annabelle not being safe and believes that all of this is her fault for letting her jealousy get to her, causing her to cut of the power. She uses Flora as a shoulder to cry on as Flora tells her to not worry. She promises Louise that she and the Winx will find Annabelle and asks for her help. Louise nods and that is when Bloom and Tecna enter the kitchen. Bloom shows Louise the sketch of the earring and asks if she has seen one like it, to which Louise explains that she gave those earrings to Annabelle as a gift. The earrings were Annabelle's good luck charms and Louise remembers her wearing them the night of her performance. Bloom then takes out her Winx Watch and tries to contact Aisha. Aisha picks up and tells Bloom that they are still in the square with Musa and Bloom tells her that once they are done with that "torture," they need to meet up at the Frutti Music Bar now that they have a lead on Annabelle. Little do they know, they are being watched just behind the kitchen door by Gómez.

Gómez eavesdropping on the Winx and Louise.

Gómez reports that the Winx have just got a lead on Annabelle, but the three Winx girls and Louise exit the kitchen as he is making the call. He quickly hides his phone behind his back once they see him and he acts as if he was looking for the restrooms in order to seem less suspicious.

Meanwhile, on WOW, Margot begs Ace to spare them from more of Myria's performance. He looks over to Cliff who just shrugs as he has nothing to say. Ace whispers at one of the camera drones to pull the plug and then apologizes to the audience about losing their live feed from the town square stage due to "technical difficulties." He then assures the audience that WOW will come back on as soon as they regain footage.

Back at the café, Gómez watches the three Winx girls leave and reports the woman on the other line, named Evans, that they are heading out.

In another side of town, Evans is working an ice cream truck in disguise. She praises Gómez for his good work and hands off an ice cream cone to a person that was waiting. Just then, the same hefty man from before asks for a strawberry cone. Evans spots Bloom, Tecna and Flora just across the street and urges for Gómez to follow them. She then claims that the ice cream truck is closed, closes the shutters on the man a second time and speeds off. In her truck, there are various videos of what happened the afternoon before Annabelle's disappearance, a picture of Annabelle and Louise and what looks like a police badge.

That evening, Gómez and Evans drive up to the Frutti Music Bar, where they quickly spot the Winx making their way inside. Once all of the girls are through the entrance, Evans and Gómez follow them inside.

Inside the Frutti Music Bar.

The two of them stake out the Bar in search of the Winx until Evans catches Gómez flirting with another woman instead of working. She snaps her fingers and signals for Gómez to get a move on, which he does so reluctantly. Evans then smirks at the woman Gómez was flirting with before walking away.

The two of them sit down by the counter where Roxy hands them a double smoothie for two. She asks if they ordered one double smoothie for two people, to which Gómez confirms but Evans denies. She hands the smoothie off to Gómez who starts to ramble on about how he prefers spicy smoothies until Evans steps on his foot. She then asks Roxy if "that one-hit wonder from WOW" performed at the Bar. Roxy confirms this and Evans asks if she knows what happened to her shortly afterwards. Roxy claims that she does not know as no one saw Annabelle after the performance and Evans asks if the last place anyone saw Annabelle was in her dressing room. Roxy dodges the question by asking if she can get them anything else, to which Gómez uses the opportunity to order another smoothie. Roxy turns away to get a cup and when she turns around, the two are gone.

In another part of the Bar, the Winx enter the dressing room Annabelle was last seen in. Once Stella locks the door behind them, Bloom gets a call from Roxy on her Winx Watch, telling her that two people were just asking her about the dressing room. Bloom thanks Roxy and urges for the rest of the Winx to hurry in their search. Tecna is just about to pull out her Winx Watch until Stella insists that she can do it. She sits herself in one of the seats and envisions herself in Annabelle's position just after performing: she takes in the applause from the crowd as she grabs one of her good luck earrings. She is still nervous and spots something from behind her, causing one of the earrings to fall out, however, when she tries to pick it back up, the shadowy figure looms over her.

Stella opens her eyes and leaps from the seat, explaining that Annabelle had the earring in her hand but she was grabbed by someone. She fights to try and push that someone away which causes the earring to fly out of her hands and roll across the floor. Stella kneels down under the desks, moves the trash bin over and finds the earring right underneath.

The earring has been found!

Bloom praises Stella and kneels down to pick up the earring. As she reaches for the earring, she notices that there is some shiny dust just around it. She realizes that the dust looks just like the dust that the Talent Thief usually leaves behind and gathers it up along with the earring. Tecna takes out one of her gadgets to suck the dust up and has it do an analysis, where it comes up positive.

Suddenly, there is a flash of light and a portal opens up in the middle of the room! Before they can even react, the Winx are enveloped by the portal's light.

Evans and Gómez rush into the dressing room but find nothing and no one. The two of them leave, with Evans slamming the door behind them.

Meanwhile, the Winx are thrown into a dreary, grey world and they find themselves in a completely new form! Taken aback, the girls approach the portal and Tecna asks if any of them knows what just happened. Musa claims that it feels as if an inner power of theirs grew and took shape, but Stella is still confused as to how the portal even opened up in the first place. Flora asks about where they could be and, with enough time to take in their surroundings, Bloom concludes that it is the same place she saw in her dreams; the same place where she ran into Annabelle. She urges for the girls to save their questions for later and the six of them search the dark forest just beyond the murky beach.

As they explore the forest, Musa feels as if Annabelle is nearby and in another direction. Aisha can feel it too and Bloom claims that it is the same feeling she felt during Annabelle's performance. Flora describes it as a huge positive force that is able to link them all together and the six fairies follow that force farther into the forest.

The Winx have found Annabelle!

The girls search through the forest until Bloom catches sight of Annabelle. They all land in front of the scared singer, who seems to be getting more and more confused and scared by seeing creatures with big iridescent wings. Bloom gives Annabelle a big toothy grin which reassures her and helps her realize that the creatures with wings are the Winx. She tearfully embraces Bloom as she expresses her relief in being able to see them again and Bloom hands Annabelle her missing earring. Annabelle repeatedly thanks Bloom as she puts the earring back on and then asks how she and the Winx were able to gain the wings on their backs. Bloom reveals that they are fairies who have come to save her and Annabelle is (obviously) surprised by all of this. She asks how the Winx managed to get to the dark forest and if they used magic to get there. Stella cuts in to explain that a magic portal opened up which forced them into this dark world and, after a brief realization, asks a major question: who opened the portal in the first place? As the seven girls mull over this question, Musa notices shadowy figures moving in the distance. The Winx surround Annabelle in an attempt to protect her as Flora concludes that whoever opened that portal wants them to remain in this world.

Aisha urges that they all dash for the portal until her shadow suddenly changes shape and comes out of the ground. Before her shadow can attack, Aisha beats it back with a magic blast made of bubbles, which causes the shadow to flee. The rest of the Winx's shadows spring from the ground and prepare for an attack. The four of them get Annabelle and fly away as Stella and Aisha fend off the shadow creatures. Once they manage to beat them back, the two of them regroup with the rest of the Winx and Annabelle.

On the murky beach, the girls make it to the portal, which is still intact. Stella tells Annabelle to enter the portal right after her and flies into it. Annabelle jumps at the portal but is repelled backwards, to the surprise of everyone else. Annabelle recovers her footing and tries again more carefully, revealing that the portal refuses to let her in. She suspects that something is preventing her from entering the portal and Bloom asks if she knows how she passed through it on the way to the other world. The only thing Annabelle can remember was this sand that made her really sleepy and that, before she knew it, she ended up there. Aisha spots that the shadow creatures from earlier are right on their tail and fend them back with Bloom's help.

As they keep the creatures busy, Tecna pulls out the gadget where she keeps all of the sand collected from their investigation. She pours some on Annabelle and advises for her to try passing through the portal again. Annabelle slowly enters the portal as Bloom and Aisha continue to fight off the shadow creatures, but she is suddenly thrown back and held in the air by a mysterious force. This force begins to make Annabelle vanish and before the Winx can do anything, the force blasts them back, forcing them out of the dreary, grey world.

Now back in the dressing room, the portal dissipates, leaving them with no way to get back to Annabelle, much less rescue her. Bloom rushes towards the door and realizes that, with the portal gone, so is Annabelle.

Major Events

  • Bloom has a dream about Annabelle being trapped in a magic forest.
  • The Winx begin their search for Annabelle.
  • The Winx transform for the first time.
  • The Winx find Annabelle and try to rescue her.
  • The Winx are thrown back into the real world, leaving Annabelle trapped in the magic forest.






Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

Spells Used

  • None.


Theme Songs

Transformation Songs

Insert Songs



  • This marks the first appearance of the complete Dreamix transformation and song.
  • As Musa is posing as "Myria the actress," the shoes she wears are reminiscent of those worn by Butterflix fairies.


  • In one scene, Annabelle's earrings are missing.
  • In one scene, Flora's bracelet is missing.
  • As the Winx are thrown out of World of Dreams, Stella is also forced out despite having gone through the portal already.
  • In some scenes, Aisha's flower is missing in her Dreamix form.


[Annabelle] needs our help. [Annabelle]'s trapped in a forest

- Bloom updating the girls of what she saw in her dream.

I hate talents. The only thing I love is my Puff.


Why is my forehead still shiny?! Make-up!!


I'm so worried! What if she's not alright? This was all my fault. If I hadn't been so jealous and cut the power...

- Louise regrets her actions.

The portal... It's gone!!


And so is Annabelle.