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The Legend of the Crocodile Man is the third episode of the first season of World of Winx.


Ejected from the forest, the Winx focus on saving young talents, starting with New York whiz kid Naoki, who is being stalked by a crocodile monster.


A shot of New York.

It is morning at New York, where two young boys are racing their remote-controlled boats at a pier.

A ferry passes by where everyone on board seems to be enjoying themselves. Everyone except for one boy sitting at the back of the ferry. He sees a fairly attractive girl his age walk near him to take some pictures and psyches himself up to talk to her. After slicking his hair back, the boy approaches the girl and nervously introduces himself as Naoki. He tries to make small talk but the girl is not impressed. He then asks if she wants to see something, but is cut off by the girl suspecting that he wants to show her his snacks. Naoki corrects her by saying that he is about to show her his "reasons for living" and digs through his bag to pull out various things: superhero comic books from the sixties, movies that talk about faraway worlds; but before he can pull out any more, the girl has already left.

Disheartened, Naoki goes to brood at the back end of the ferry. Little does he know, he is being watched by some sort of creature in the ocean. Naoki notices the two boys racing their remote-controlled boats at a nearby pier and takes out his phone from his bag in order to hack the toy boats' controls. He does so successfully and programs both boats to crash into each other, confusing the boys at the pier. As he gets ready to make the boats crash another time, they are capsized by a heap of scales emerging from the ocean. Naoki notices this and decides to record the creature on his phone.

A few moments later, one of the ferry passengers notices a scaly creature at the side of the ferry and warns the others about the "Bay Monster." The same scaled creature briefly hops up at the back of the ferry behind Naoki, only to escape back into the ocean. All of the passengers see this and panic as Naoki tries to convince them that he is actually the Bay Monster. The passengers are too busy panicking to even notice Naoki, leaving him feeling ignored and disheartened.

The Winx discussing their new objective.

At the Winx Loft, Bloom declares that their objective is no longer solely about saving talents kidnapped by the Talent Thief, but it now includes saving Annabelle as well. Bloom claims that they need an idea first and Aisha suggests that they figure out a way to get back to the dimension where all of the kidnapped talents are being held. Musa asks Aisha about how they will even go about doing so as they tried to access the world before with their powers but with no results. Flora suggests that they could try contacting Annabelle but Stella parrots her idea in a louder voice. Aisha points out that Annabelle disappeared before them, leaving no traces behind, and Musa suggests that the golden dust they collected from earlier missions may help them. Flora brings up the fact that it worked on Annabelle once before and believes that it may work on them as well, but Stella parrots her idea in a louder voice once again. However, Tecna is not sure if the dust will work on them and they do not have that much of it left. Aisha, now frustrated, insists that they have to try something and volunteers to do so herself. Tecna urges for Aisha to slow down as she does some tests on her tablet. She comes to the conclusion that they only have enough dust for one try but Aisha claims that their problem cannot be solved by Tecna "playing on her tablet." Tecna claims that she was only trying to help until Flora reminds the girls that Ace's show will be starting soon and advises them all to play along to avoid blowing their cover. Musa turns their TV on as she asks about Annabelle. Bloom is certain that they will find Annabelle and rhetorically asks the girls whether they are or are not the Winx Club. Aisha skates up to Bloom's side and declares that, in the meantime, they can look for and protect other kids that may end up becoming targets for the Talent Thief.

Soon enough, the Wow! theme begins to play as the camera drones arrive in the living room of the girls' loft. Ace does his usual introduction but as he is just about to introduce the Winx, an emergency broadcast cuts the show off in order to report on the rising panic occurring in New York City. Apparently a large crocodile was reported to be seen in the bay earlier that day and the report cuts to testimonies from variou witnesses. One man claims that the crocodile was thirty feet long, another man claims that it had three heads, and a middle-aged woman claims that the creature looked right at her but she did not know what he wanted. Just then, the Winx see Naoki walk passed and get some sort of brief vision. In their vision, they sift through a crowd of people and focus on Naoki, the kid they saw on the broadcast. Before they know it, the emergency broadcast ends and cuts back to Wow!, where Ace is yelling at one of his assistants. Once he notices that he is back on the air, Ace throws his assistant aside, greets the viewers and the Winx, and asks if the six girls are ready to find some new talent. He then asks where they will be finding said talent and the girls cheerfully exclaim that they will be traveling to New York.

To New York!

Later that day, the six fairies arrive in New York just as planned. As they ride down the busy city streets in their Winxmobile, Bloom asks the girls if any of them saw when she saw and shows them a sketch of the boy from their vision on her tablet. Flora confirms that she also saw the same boy and Stella explains that she got a strange feeling when she saw him; the same feeling she got during Annabelle's performance. Bloom specifies the moment as the one where Annabelle's dreams were finally coming true and Musa asks if their new powers may be tied to talented youths. Bloom sends her sketch of Naoki to a monitor near the driver's seat and, after taking a quick glance, Aisha proposes that they split up to find the boy before he ends up getting himself in trouble. Just then, Ace shows up on their electronic monitor and hopes that the Winx have located some actual talent, and not someone like the "reject" they got last time, as she was rejected by both the judges and the audience. He shows them footage of Musa's embarrassing performance as "Myria," which causes Stella to point and laugh at Musa before covering her own mouth. Musa, glaring at Stella, assures Ace that they will not be improvising this time.

Once Ace is gone, Tecna conducts some analyses on her tablet concerning the scratch marks on the hull of the ferry. Flora claims that it may not be a good idea to split up but Aisha insists that they need to lure this creature out somehow as he may be the Talent Thief. Bloom believes that it may be working for the Talent Thief as well, but finds it odd that it let itself be seen by so many people. Flora is just about to say something until Tecna realizes that someone is trying to draw attention to themselves. Bloom asks if she means the creature until Tecna specifies that it is the talent who wants attention.

Somewhere else in the city, Naoki arrives at a comic store on his scooter. Inside, he looks through another issue of "Monsters" until he overhears a group of three boys arguing over which one is stronger: the alien or the space predator. One of the boys claims that the alien has the advantage because he is faster, can move without making noise and can launch surprise attacks. However, another one of the boys claims that this one species of alien can sense the electromagnetic waves of a xenomorph. Naoki cuts into the conversation by claiming that he witnessed a creature stronger than all of the others, even the one from "Monsters." The boys do not believe him at first but Naoki insists that he is telling the truth this time. He then goes on to excitedly explain that the Bay Monster was a super fast alien but he was smarter than it. He managed to follow it at a distance and the Monster was about to eat everyone on the ferry when it jumped out of the water. As he tries to explain what he did, the blonde boy asks if Naoki used his exoskeleton on the Bay Monster. The red haired boy chimes in by claiming that Naoki is the true alien and the three boys laugh at him. Frustrated, Naoki storms out of the comic store and slams his issue of "Monsters" on the ground. The comic hits a sewer grate, where the Bay Monster seems to be watching Naoki as he angrily rides off on his scooter.

He is in front of you!

Soon enough, Naoki gets stopped by a red light, where he ends up being just in front of the Winxmobile!

Inside the Winxmobile, Tecna is relaying what she managed to come up with. The Bay Monster is about three meters in height, has 124 fangs, a tail that is 1.5 meters long, human intelligence and scaly armor. Flora tries to make out the video footage of the creature as she sits next to Tecna but cannot make out much as the footage is not clear. She claims that, while she cannot make out the specifics, the creature seems to be a giant crocodile. Bloom realizes that it is just like the urban legend and Stella believes that they could find the sewers in which the creature lives. She tries to do a search on her phone but quickly gets sad when she realizes that she did not download the app for it. Aisha asks where they will be going or if they will be looking for the new talent and Tecna activates the thermal search radar. She uses Bloom's sketch in an attempt for finding someone nearby with a similar face and realizes that the kid they are looking for as in the area.

Just outside, Naoki begins to grow impatient with how long the red light has been on and hacks into the traffic lighting system in order to turn the next three traffic lights green. Once he does so, he speeds off as Tecna rushes up to the driver's seat to tell Aisha that the kid they are looking for is right in front of them. Aisha speeds off after Naoki as she risks crashing into other passing trucks and people crossing the street. As she chases Naoki, he continues to hack the traffic lighting system, turning more and more oncoming traffic lights green. He then speeds off in another direction and Aisha advises for the girls to fasten their seat belts as she makes a risky turn after Naoki.

Naoki continues to enjoy speeding through the busy streets of New York until he notices the Winxmobile on his tail. He begins to suspect that, since he was the first person to spot and record the Bay Monster, he may have ended up in the middle of an intergalactic conspiracy. Confident that he will evade possible capture, Naoki picks up speed. Aisha tries to figure out what Naoki could be up to and starts to think that he may be trying to shake them off. She speeds on after him as she cuts between empty gaps on the road between other cars.

Everyone watching the chase unfold on the Wow! set.

Back on the set of Wow!, Ace, the judges and the audience are watching the chase unfold. Ace wonders if the girls are trying to lose the camera drones a second time, but he tries to play it off as the Winx trying to keep the audience excited when he realizes that they are back on the air. Cliff finds the chase to be spectacular, better than any he has seen in an action movie, but Margot would rather have more substance over spectacle.

Back on the streets, the Winx are continuing their chase as Naoki keeps changing the traffic lights from red to green. Naoki suspects that those who are chasing him must be the Men in Black. Suddenly, he hears a voice coming from the headphones in his helmet asking for him to stop. Naoki start to think that the Women in Black are chasing him and gets even more excited. He declares that they will never catch him and speeds off even more. Tecna tries to convince Naoki into talking with them until Aisha notifies the girls that she is just about to pass him and makes a hard turn, startling the rest of the girls. She insists that the rumbling they felt was not from her driving and, it turns out that the ground is crumbling in a straight line just underneath the Winxmobile. The cracks rip open from under the Winxmobile as whatever is causing them heads straight for Naoki from behind. Tecna identifies the creature as the giant crocodile and Bloom tries to warn Naoki about it. Naoki tries to play it cool by introducing himself but before he can give a "code name," Bloom demands that he stop his scooter as the Winxmobile pulls up on his side. At that moment, the giant crocodile creature leaps out from the asphalt to attack Naoki! In a panic, Naoki covers his eyes with both arms and Aisha uses her magic to make a nearby fire-hydrant spray its water out to knock the creature out of the way. Naoki speeds passed all of this with his eyes closed and, when he realizes that he is safe, does a little cheer before almost falling over. As he regains control of his scooter, Naoki realizes that he is about to crash into a vendor's hot dog stand and closes his eyes, anticipating the crash. Flora conjures up some vines that grab Naoki's scooter by the wheel and throw him over the stand to safety.

The Crocodile Man attacks!

The crocodile creature slips back into the cracks it caused as the Winx try to catch up with Naoki again. As Naoki lands, a flap of his bag opens up and a sheet of paper flies out of it as he speeds off. He tries to psyche himself up as he turns into a corner, only to end up in a dead-end, where the Winxmobile blocks his path from behind. As Naoki looks for an escape route, the sewer grate in front of him flies open and the crocodile creatures emerges from the sewers. Stella uses her magic to activate two nearby streetlights, which blind the creature and cause him to flee by climbing up nearby buildings. Bloom tries to assure Naoki that they will take him somewhere safe, but the crocodile creature returns and slams itself on top of the Winxmobile! Tecna notices that the impact broke their radar and Bloom uses her magic to heat up the surface of the Winxmobile in an attempt of getting the creature to flee. The creature struggles to keep its grasp on the vehicle and notices Naoki taking off. It trudges off and hops the rooftops of nearby buildings in order to chase the boy down.

Flora quickly takes notice of this and comments on how the creature completely ignored them to go after Naoki. Just then, the girls get another transmission from Ace, who demands to know if Bloom has an explanation for all of what happened. Bloom tries to explain but Ace interrupts her to remind the girls that they ran away from the live feed again. He asks what their plan was even supposed to be and Bloom claims that they were setting up a surprise, as they are on the search for a very extraordinary guy. Ace asks if this "extraordinary guy" is a Formula One driver and demands to know why they need to rush so much. Bloom insists that it is because true talents are not used to being in the spotlight. She claims that they will find him and hangs up on Ace, remarking on how annoying he is now that he is gone. Tecna then asks how they will be able to track Naoki now that the scanner is broken but finds that the radar is working again! She wonders how that can even be possible as Aisha backs the Winxmobile out of the alleyway.

Stella's journalist disguise.

Aisha proposes that they follow the trail that they have and Stella declares that they will go disguised as journalists in order to keep a low profile. She then steps on a nearby pad that changes her into a journalist's outfit. Bloom and Flora follow suit by changing into their journalists disguises as Tecna handles changing the flap on their Winxmobile to make it look like a news van.

The Winx revisit the scene of the crocodile creature's first public attack.

The girls return to the site where the crocodile creature first tried to attack publicly and see that a large crowd of bystanders, witnesses, police and news reporters have gathered. Tecna notices that their signals has disappeared but she is confident that Naoki should be around. The girls soon begin their investigation into the creature, starting with an excitable man trying to mimic the creature's movements. Flora investigates the cracks in the asphalt as Tecna and Aisha interview a middle-aged woman. Bloom and Flora investigate the cracks some more as Stella is preoccupied with posing for some of the bystanders, only to be dragged away not long after.

As Tecna wanders the scene, she notices something near the Winxmobile and crosses the yellow tape to see it. She approaches the wheel of the vehicle and peels off a flier from it. Bloom then approaches Tecna, asking if she really said that Naoki wants to be found. Tecna confirms this but specifies that he wants to be found in his own way. She points of that Naoki was able to bypass the software of the Winxmobile and repair their radar as she shows Bloom the flier she just retrieved. With that flier, Tecna is certain that now they know where to find the boy.

"Here, I really do feel at home."

In another part of the city, Naoki enters a dimly-lit building with a sad look on his face. He continues farther inside until he is met by an elderly man named Sam. Sam asks why Naoki looks so down and if he had a bad day. Naoki explains that it was the exact opposite as a group of girls followed him throughout the city, but he lowers his head before finishing his sentence. Sam realizes that Naoki ran away from the group of girls and walks off, claiming that he will never understand kids today. Naoki walks over to a row of seats where some of the seats are occupied by robotic figures and plush toys. He throws himself into one of the seats, lounges back, and claims that he truly feels at home there. He looks back at some of the robot figures next to him and uses his phone to turn on a screen just in front of him. The screen plays Naoki's recording of the crocodile creature when he was on the ferry and he uses his phone to activate colored spotlights that shine on him.

Just then, his phone goes off, showing that he just got a text message which asks if he was able to enjoy himself. Now suspicious, Naoki turns off everything he activated earlier and glares at the entrance. He then gets another text message asking if he is aware of the danger he is in. He looks back at the screen which switches from his recording to a scene on the streets where everyone in camera is enraged. Another message comes in asking if Naoki really wanted all of this and he jumps up from his seat. He rejects what has gone on to explain that what he really wants is to be recognized for his own capabilities but before he can exclaim what he really wants, a gentle voice from behind Naoki advises for him to be careful because she already knows. Naoki turns around to find Tecna approaching him as she claims that everyone wants to be seen by others, but sometimes this leads to exaggerating details and being selfish. Bloom appears from Naoki's left and claims that this is why everyone needs friends by their side. Real friends. Naoki looks back at the robotic figures and begins to look down again until the rest of the Winx walk in to join Tecna and Bloom. Naoki asks who they all are, to which Aisha tells him that they are the Winx and that they have come to save him. Musa explains that the crocodile creature is after Naoki, even if he is unaware of it, but Naoki does not understand why he is being chased as he believes that he is just a nobody. Tecna reveals that they are not sure of the reason either but what they do know is that the creature is indeed after Naoki. However, before she can finish her explanation, the crocodile creature crashes through the screen to attack! Bloom urges for the girls to transform but Stella asks about what they will do with their disguises. Bloom claims that they can trust Naoki and the six of them transform into their Dreamix forms.

Naoki braces himself for an oncoming attack by the crocodile creature but the creature is beaten back by a magical blast. The creature then rips off the grating on one of the air ducts and escapes into them. Naoki moves his arms from his face and his surprised to see the Winx flying. He quickly realizes that they are fairies, but Tecna claims that there is no time for explanations and urges Naoki to follow them. Naoki excitedly exclaims that it will be just like he has seen in movies until Tecna tells him to stop playing around. The Winx and Naoki then go deeper into the building after the creature.

Musa creating the sound of footsteps to lure out the Crocodile Man.

In another room, Musa uses her powers to create the sounds of footsteps to lure the crocodile man out. The creature itself follows the sounds through the room until Flora sends vines out to bind it. Her spell is unsuccessful, however, as the creature is able to break free of the vines. It then charges at Flora until Bloom casts a spark of fire in front of the creature. This gives Flora time to get back in the air but it leaves Bloom open for an attack. Aisha cuts in to conjure up a waterspout just in front of Bloom to protect her, which also causes the crocodile creature to flee. The fairies give chase but the creature is able to find Naoki huddled in a corner! It tries to attack Naoki but a magical shield deflects its attack as it reveals itself. Naoki gives a thumbs up to Tecna, who gives one back, and Stella blows back the creature with a powerful blast of light. The creature crashes into an old shelf but when the dust settles, it is nowhere to be seen. Naoki asks if the creature left, but Aisha claims that if it did, it will be back. As Musa lands, she notices something on the floor and picks it up.

A device left by the creature.

Naoki realizes that he was able to see the Bay Monster in all of its glory and insists that the world needs to know about it. Tecna tells Naoki that the world is not ready for such news, which makes Naoki upset, until she asks if he is ready for the world.

Later that afternoon, there is a long line of people just outside of the building! Musa explains to the crowd that the Museum of Science Fiction will take them on a fascinating journey and, inside the Museum, Naoki explains to another crowd of people that a certain type of special effect was originally used in low-budget films to help create the perfect atmosphere. He uses his phone to activate the robots behind them and make them move. This startles the crowd first but they all applaud as Naoki continues to explain that the animatronics are now used at the Zig Production Studios. Stella, Tecna and Bloom watch on from afar as Naoki demonstrates more of the animatronics' movements. Sam walks by, relieved to see Naoki with others, and the Wow! camera drones zip out from behind the three girls.

Stella claims to the Wow! audience that Naoki is a natural at science fiction and Ace asks the judges what they think; is Naoki Wow! or Out? Cliff can barely keep himself from crying as he is so moved by Naoki's ability to "dispense dreams through movies." Margot thinks that Naoki is not bad but not good either and she asks what her dog, Puff, thinks. Ace then turns to the results of the tele-voting and finds that the audience voted for Naoki to continue on Wow!, making him the second finalist for the show!

Naoki continues to show off the animatronics and uses his phone to make one of them talk. As the crowd applauds, the same pretty girl Naoki tried to talk to on the ferry approaches him. She asks if Naoki can give her a tour but Naoki insists that he is busy at the moment, pointing back to the Winx. Musa begins to hear ticking coming from her bag and pulls of the strange device from earlier, only to see that it has begun to move.

Major Events

  • The Winx experience their "Dreamix Vision" for the first time.
  • The Winx have to chase Naoki down through the streets of New York.
  • The Winx and Naoki have their first run-in with the Crocodile Man.
  • The Winx pose as journalists in order to get more information on the creature.
  • The Winx fight the Crocodile Man, protecting Naoki and obtaining the Magic Watch in the process.
  • Naoki becomes the second Wow! finalist.
  • The Magic Watch begins to move.






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Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

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Theme Songs

Transformation Songs



  • There are many references to well-known sci-fi franchises and movies in this episode.
    • As Naoki psyches himself up to talk to a pretty girl, he quotes the Star Wars franchise by saying "Let the force be with me!"
      • He even carries a movie series in his bag known as "Star Picots."
    • After being blown off by the same pretty girl, Naoki quotes the movie, Terminator 2, by saying "Hasta la vista, baby."
    • In the comics store, as three boys are arguing over which is stronger, one of the boys mentions a xenomorph, the Alien from the Alien franchise.
    • As Naoki continues to try and shake off the Winxmobile, he suspects that those who are chasing him must be the Men in Black.
    • While this is not a sci-fi reference, Ace references the Formula One auto-racing championships when he asks about who the Winx are chasing after.
    • When Musa is tracking Naoki's footprints, a Dalek from the Doctor Who series can be seen.
  • When Tecna passes by the yellow tape, one of the bystanders has the same face as one of the boys that teased Naoki earlier, just with a slightly darker skintone.


  • In some scenes, Aisha's flower is missing in her Dreamix form.
  • In one scene, Bloom has yellow eyes.


May... may the force be with me!

Naoki, quoting Star Wars after seeing a cute girl.

We only have one try.

Tecna, letting Aisha know the limit of the Sleeping Dust.

Playing on your tablet isn't going to solve the problem.

Aisha, annoyed at Tecna's approach.

When I saw [Naoki], I got a strange feeling. Just like when Annabelle was singing on stage.


And what if our new powers are linked to the talents?

Musa's hypothesis.

We could find a sewer where it lives somewhere. Oh, man! I didn't download the app!

Stella, pointing out that there is an app for everything.

That guy seriously underestimates the danger he's in.

Flora, not amused by Naoki's over excitement.

'Did you enjoy yourself? Don't you realize how dangerous the situation is for you and for those around you? Is this what you really wanted?'"

Naoki, reading the texts he was sent.

NO! My dream was to be recognized for what I'm capable of. I just wanted-


Careful, I know. We'd all like to be needed by other people. But sometimes we risk exaggerating and being selfish.


Naoki is a natural at science fiction!