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The Monster under the City

Scene: Recap

Narrator: The Winx, find they've required the power to find the talent in danger. They, go to New York followed by the talent show cameras from the show there on.In, the Big Apple they, meet Naoki an electronic genius and, they protect him from, the terrible Crocodile Man. The monster runs away but, loses a strange watch.

Scene: The Museum Of Science Fiction

  • The ferocious Crocodile Man stomps towards the Winx. The Winx get scared and starts backing away.*

Bloom: Stay away, monster!

  • The Crocodile Man starts bashing and breaking things.*

Stella: Help! Someone help us!

  • Naoki jumps in wearing his superhero uniform.*

Naoki: It's me, Super Naoki! Defender of Universes, Avenger of the Oppressed, Hero of-

  • Crocodile Man, unimpressed, throws something at them. The girls scream.*

Naoki: Don't worry, Super Naoki is here!

  • Naoki blasts the object that was flung at the Winx, breaking it.*
  • The girls are relieved and Stella cheers.*
  • Naoki laughs but is grabbed by Crocodile Man's tail. He struggles but also starts glowing.*

Flora: *worried* Super Naoki!
Tecna: *encouragingly with dreamy eyes* You can do it! You're our last hope!

  • Super Naoki continues to struggle.*
  • As it turns out, this is a retelling of the incident that happen by Naoki to his fellow science fiction fans.*

Boy #1: And then, how did you break free?
Naoki: Have you forgotten about my weakening aura?! First, I drained out his energy.

  • Naoki starts karate chopping the air.*

Naoki: Then, I thwarted him with my light shot! And then-!
Tecna: Naoki! What did we tell you?

  • The Winx are now standing in front him. The three scifi fans are dazed by the sudden appearance of six pretty girls.*

Naoki: *nervously* Uh, about science fiction books? W-w-well... I was just telling a story!
Bloom: Enough with the stories, it's time for action! Hm.

  • The girls start walking off. Naoki waves goodbye at his fellow scifi fans.*

Naoki: B-bye! See ya... later!

  • Stella pulls out their business cards.*

Stella: We're the Winx. Talent scouts. At your service!

  • One of boys takes the business card, the other two look on in amazement.*

Stella: To find new talent!

  • Stella walks off. The boys drool again.*
  • Somewhere else in the museum, Bloom reminds Naoki the importance of secrecy.*

Bloom: *sternly* We're on a secret mission here, kid. The lives of a lot of people are at stake!
Aisha: And yours!
Naoki: Sorry, I got carried away. Because it's fantastic that I get to help real fairies!
The Winx: Sssh!!
Naoki: *hushed tone* Sorry!
Aisha: Tecna. Any updates on the watch?
Tecna: Unidentified material. Unknown origin.
Aisha: *bemused* Technology. So we don't know what it is.

  • Bloom takes a look at the watch.*

Bloom: Or even how it works!
Flora: But we can guess who it belongs to.
Naoki: Meaning?
Flora: The Crocodile Man. Maybe he lost it in the fight!
Aisha: That monster! We need a plan to capture him!
Musa: Before he captures Naoki.

  • Naoki shyly gives a thumbs up and blushes.*

Flora: Well, I watched him during the last fight. Directs attacks have no effect on him. But maybe we can guess his moves by luring him with some kind of bait!

  • Flora points at Naoki.*

Naoki: *heroically* With great power comes great responsibility!
Aisha: Hold your horses, superhero! Flora, it's too dangerous!
Flora: Not if Naoki comes with us!

  • The girls think about it.*

Bloom: Huh?

  • Flora also notices a nearby plant whose flowers are closed.*

Flora: Mm. Hmm. Huh?

  • Bloom's Winxwatch beeps and she answers it.*

Bloom: Ace! Uuh, what a surprise!
Ace: Really? Although I was expecting a surprise from you girls! Where's the next talent?

  • The girls look at each other. Unsure of what to say or do.*

Bloom: Well... We're sure to find another one in the Big Apple!
Ace: Then I will immediately send the camera drones over there! You better get going.*

  • Naoki looks at his phone with a serious expression.*

Bloom: *sarcastically laughs* What a sweetheart.
Aisha: With the WOW cameras on us, say goodbye to the monster hunt.
Naoki: No problem. I have a plan.

  • Naoki smiles confidentially.*

Scene: Inside WOW Studio

Ace: Welcome toooo wow wow wow wow WOW - our fantastic reality talent show!

  • The camera shoots the girls happily running out from the Museum.*
  • Ace laughs.*
  • The screen shows Stella running into the back of Winxmobile. She turns to the cameras.*

Stella: Hi! A quick makeup and we'll be right with you!

  • Stella blows a kiss then winks at the camera. The doors shut.*

Ace: Ah-ha. Apparently, another talent is hiding in Manhattan and the Winx are going to find it! Winx? Nice van but our audience is waiting for you!
Audience: Winx, Winx, Winx!

  • The screen shutters a bit and the Winx reappear on the screen.*

Ace: Here they are at last! A big round of applause for our amazing talent scouts!

  • The audience cheers even louder.*

Scene: Outside of the Museum

  • The camera drone color lens change color. Having been hacked by Naoki.*

Scene: Inside WOW Studio

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Scene: Outside of The Museum

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Scene: The Museum of Science Fiction

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Scene: Under New York City

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Scene: Backstage of WOW Studio

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Scene: Inside WOW Studio

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Scene: Under New York City

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Scene: New York City Roads

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Scene: WOW Van

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