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The Shaman

Scene: Police Station

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Scene: Outside the Winx's Loft

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Scene: Winx Mobile

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Scene: Frutti Music Bar

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Scene: Winx Mobile

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Scene: WOW Stage

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Scene: Light Tiger Palace

  • The Winx and Lorelei are walking to the competition outside the palace quad.*

Lorelei: Uh, can I know who we're looking for?
Stella: Do you always need to know everything about everyone?
Lorelei: Look who’s talking, blabbermouth!
Stella: Hey!

  • Stella and Lorelei growl at each other until a stranger speaks up.*

Stranger: Are you from the program WOW!
Both: Yeeees!

  • Then they go back to growling at each other.*

Stranger: Can I take a picture of you guys?
Both: Of course!

  • Stella and Lorelei fight over the camera.*

Aisha: Here we are! The Light Tiger Palace!

  • They all enter the palace.*

  • After Yu's second round. The audience cheers for her. Bloom is seen hiding in audience. Lorelei approaches Yu.*

Lorelei: Yu! You’re phenomenal - Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Announcer: Hey, you can’t be here!

  • Lorelei ignores the announcer.*

Lorelei: I’d like to improve my martial arts skills, how can I do that? Sometimes I have intrusive fans.

  • Lorelei starts doing random martial art moves.*

Lorelei: But with some yaaaaaah! and a bit of hiaaaa-ya-ya-ya! I could handle them myself. What do you think? Am I doing right?

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