Shattered Dreams is the ninth episode of the first season of World of Winx.


The Winx force the captured Shaman to reveal who in the World of Dreams is behind the abductions, then rush to London to save the young pianist, Madelyne.


The Winx's battle against the Shaman continues as the Shaman demands that they let him free or else he will unleash his strongest magic upon them. The girls obviously refuse his demands, so he hurls one of his magical stones at them and has it cast a larger explosion. The Winx are able to evade the explosion but the Shaman disappears within a large cloud of red smoke. They look for the Shaman and Musa is able to find him hiding behind a nearby tree. When he is found, the Shaman launches more of his magical stones at the Winx again. Bloom neutralizes three of the stones with a ring of fire once more and Stella evades them until she is stopped by a small explosion. She turns around to find the Shaman ready to aim for Bloom again and casts a shield of light in front of her friend in order to protect her. Once the stones have been deflected, Bloom shoots a beam of fire directly at the Shaman but he is able to magically shield himself from the blast. The fire causes a cloud of smoke to puff up directly in the Shaman's face and, when it clears, he is met by a blast of water sent by Aisha. Once he falls onto his back, Tecna quickly casts a technomagic shield around the Shaman to trap him.

Screenshot 943

The Shaman captured...?

The Winx land just a few feet from Tecna's cage as the Shaman pulls out another stone from his pockets. He throws the stone onto the ground which releases a puff of red smoke that blinds the Winx. When the smoke clears, the four fairies find that the Shaman had escaped! Tecna realizes that the Shaman's magical stones seem to have an unending source of power and that is when the Shaman reappears behind them to hurl another one of his stones at them. The smoke from the stone unleashes a large purple serpent on the Winx and it manages to capture Tecna and Stella before they air able to get back into the air. Bloom and Aisha try to look for an opening but the serpent whacks Bloom onto the ground as it wraps Aisha up in its tail. As Bloom tries to recover, she finds the Shaman looming over her, ready to attack. However, Flora flies into view just behind the Shaman and Bloom takes this opportunity to sap the Shaman of his strength as Flora conjures up vines to bind him to a nearby tree.

WOW9 (Shaman Captured)

Shaman captured!

The Shaman, however, is not ready to give in as he tries to throw his stones one more time. Luckily, Musa is able to knock the stones out of his hands, which also causes the purple serpent to disappear. With the Shaman defeated, Bloom orders the girls to take him with them as she leaves on her own.

Once the Winx return to the Winxmobile, Bloom promises to meet up with them some other time and Stella assures her that they will be able to handle the show as well as their "new friend." The two end their call and Stella focuses her attention back on the Shaman, who is now surrounded by the rest of the Winx and is bound by shackles made from Aisha's Morphix.

WOW9 (Aisha Interrogating the Shaman)

Aisha interrogating the Shaman.

Aisha glares down the Shaman as she explains that she and her friends will find out where he took Yu and rescue her, however, the Shaman believes that it would be impossible for them to do so. That is when Aisha has Musa hand her one of the Shaman's stones from her handbag and uses her powers to apply large amount of pressure onto it in order to get the Shaman to talk. As Aisha applies more pressure onto it, the stone begins to crack up. That is until the Shaman eventually gives in and confesses that it was the Queen of the World of Dreams who took Yu. Aisha drops the stone back into her hand and demands to know if this Queen is the Talent Thief they have been searching for and the Shaman confirms this. Aisha then asks what the Queen's motives are but the Shaman insists that he does not know so, in response, Aisha has Musa hand her another one of his magical stones. That is when the Shaman confesses that the Queen never reveals why she wants the talents and only tells her underlings who they should kidnap. Flora stares into the Shaman's eyes for a moment and reveals that she can tell that the Shaman is telling the truth. The Shaman further explains that one can only enter the World of Dreams with a Magic Watch but he does not own one. Aisha promptly asks how the Shaman was able to get Yu into the World of Dreams if he cannot summon a portal and the Shaman insists that one just opened up where he was. Flora also confirms seeing one through the images that nature showed her and she proposes that the Shaman ask the portal to open again for them. However, the Shaman insists that the Queen would not allow the portal to open again. Flora believes that the Shaman is being sincere but he has more information for them; something very important. However, before the Winx can get the Shaman to speak, they are interrupted by constant knocking coming from the roof of the Winxmobile.

WOW9 (Lorelei Says Hi)


Aisha hands Musa the Shaman's magical stones to hide in her handbag as she and Tecna approach the door of the Winxmobile to see who is knocking. Aisha peers out of the window and is startled by Lorelei popping into view. Aisha frantically warns the girls to hide the Shaman as she and Flora awkwardly wave at Lorelei to keep her from spotting him. However, when Tecna and Musa try to restrain the Shaman, he fights them off; bumping Musa into the back of the Winxmobile in the process. Tecna manages to get him off of Musa and hold him back until Lorelei starts pounding on the side of the vehicle, demanding to be let inside. Aisha then proposes that they all meet up with Lorelei outside of the Winxmobile as they cannot risk her coming in and seeing the Shaman. The girls do just that but Lorelei seems to have quieted down and seems rather suspicious of the group. She even tries approaching the Winxmobile, only to be stopped by Stella blocking her with her arm.

WOW9 (The Queen's Shadow Contact)

The Queen of the World of Dreams making contact with the Shaman through his shadow.

Meanwhile, the Shaman tries to figure out a way outside of the Winxmobile until his shadow starts to move and change shape. The Shaman is surprised to see the shadow crawl up the wall in front of him and completely change shape; closer resembling the Queen of the World of Dreams. The Queen speaks through the Shaman's contorted shadow and praises him for being able to deliver the girl with a talent for kung fu to her. However, she is not too pleased to learn that the Shaman could not open up a portal himself. That is when the Shaman reveals that someone by the name of Jim stole the Magic Watch from him, which causes the Queen to lash out at the Shaman, completely enraged with how he somehow let Jim take his Watch. The Shaman frantically apologizes and the Queen comments on how disappointing the Shaman is as a subordinate. She then tasks him with delivering a new talent by tomorrow and specifically asks for the same talent that the Winx will end up scouting out. She warns the Shaman not to make any mistakes as she breaks Aisha's Morphix handcuffs. The Shaman promises to do so as he reveals his magical stones from the palm of his hands and it turns out that he was able to retrieve his magical stones when he bumped Musa into the back of the vehicle just moments earlier. He then throws down one of his stones and disappears along with his contorted shadow in a puff of red smoke.

WOW9 (Empty?)

"Then why couldn't I come inside?"

Immediately afterwards, Lorelei manages to burst into the Winxmobile with the Winx rushing right behind her. Much to the Winx's confusion and Lorelei's frustration, the Winxmobile is completely empty, which prompts Lorelei to ask why they did not let her inside earlier. The Winx try to piece together what this could all mean until Musa checks her handbag and is horrified to see that the magical stones are also gone. However, in that moment, the Winx and Bloom experience another one of their brief visions. In it, they see a close up of the Big Ben clock tower, a rather sizeable mansion and a young brunette.

In fact, the brunette is seen approaching a piano in one of the mansion's rooms. She pulls open a compartment within the piano and is disappointed to find that it is empty. In response, the young brunette asks her butler, James, where he put "it," but before he can answer her, James is interrupted by a woman's voice calling out the brunette's name, Madelyne. Just then, a thin middle-aged woman and a rather old man enter the room with a small dog on a leash and the woman proposes that Madelyne practice for an upcoming performance. The old man reminds Madelyne that her performance is scheduled for that night and makes note of how many important people will be there to see her play. Madelyne reluctantly complies and begins playing on the piano. Her parents seem to be content with Madelyne's playing but James seems to be subtly upset to see Madelyne playing with such a disappointed look on her face.

Back at the Winxmobile, the Winx are brought back into consciousness as Lorelei asks them what their next move will be. The Winx seem to be a bit dazed so Lorelei urges for them to concentrate until Musa claims that their next destination will be London, England. Lorelei excitedly encourages the Winx to get their show on the road to "find that talent" and, soon enough, she and the Winx arrive in London with the camera-drones in tow.

WOW9 (Deceiving Lorelei)

Stella convincing Lorelei to search for talent all by herself.

Upon arrival, Lorelei and the Winx exit the Winxmobile once it is parked on the side of a road. As Lorelei poses in front of the camera-drones, Musa asks the rest of the Winx what they should do about "them." Stella claims that she already has an idea and approaches Lorelei, leaving the rest of the Winx confused and curious. Stella scoots up to Lorelei's side and loudly asks if everyone is thinking about Lorelei the same way she is. This quickly catches Lorelei's attention as Stella proclaims that she is now ready. Curious, Lorelei is eager to know what she is ready for and Stella reveals that Lorelei is now ready to headline an episode of WOW all on her own. She then tells Lorelei to run into town with the camera-drones and look for any talented people she sees. Lorelei runs off without any hesitation, excited that her moment to shine has finally come, and all of the camera-drones fly just behind her. The rest of the Winx happily wave goodbye to Lorelei as she and the show are now out of their hair for the time being.

Meanwhile, Lorelei announces to Ace and the audience that today's episode of WOW is a very special one as she will be featured in it as the episode's star. Ace asks Lorelei where is going and Lorelei proclaims that she is going to "find that talent!" However, Ace is still confused as he does not know what the Winx will be doing if Lorelei is left to handle an episode all by herself.

WOW9 (Reunion!)

Bloom and Stella hug as she regroups with her friends.

In fact, the Winx are still hanging around the Winxmobile, where Bloom regroups with them once the coast is clear. She praises Stella on her quick thinking and the two of them hug as Stella claims that they missed her. Bloom and Stella then regroup with the rest of the Winx and Musa reveals to Bloom that the Shaman managed to escape. Bloom assures Musa that they will track him down and recapture him but claims that finding Madelyne is their main priority now.

Soon enough, the Winx find and approach Madelyne's mansion and are greeted by James taking four pugs out for a walk. The pugs run in circles around James and tangle him up in their leashes as the Winx watch. Bloom then claims that they may have found their ticket inside the mansion. Stella catches onto Bloom's plan and whips out SuperSue as she claims that she knows just the style change that they will need.

After creating dog sitting outfits for herself and the Winx, the six fairies approach James as Stella asks if he needs help taking care of his four pugs. James struggles free of the leashes wrapped around him and hires the Winx on the spot. Stella then wonders over how hard it could be to watch over such small dogs, only to be shown how hard it can be in the very next scene; being wrapped in their leashes as the four pugs run circles around her.

WOW9 (Dogsitting)

Playing with the pugs.

Luckily, the rest of the Winx come to her rescue and, soon enough, all six of them are playing with the excitable puppies.

Meanwhile, James opens the front door for Madelyne and watches her leave the house in a terrible mood, feeling bad and almost guilty for it. Madelyne's parents follow suit as her mother tries to make her feel better by telling her not to be so sad as they are certain that she will not disappoint them. Madelyne agrees with her mother, but walks on, still feeling dejected. The Winx quickly take notice of Madelyne and recognize her from their vision, with Stella adding in that she is "the little girl with a big dream."

Once Madelyne approaches her parents' white limousine, James rushes forward to open the car door. He then realizes that he may have something that could lift the young girl's spirits up and reaches into his pocket to get it. Unfortunately, he is stopped by Madelyne's mother calling for her, so Madelyne hops into the limousine and it drives off. Musa claims that the "big dream" Madelyne may hold looks more like a broken one as James looks regretfully into the blue guitar pick in palm of his right hand. This prompts Bloom into proposing that they split up and she tasks Musa, Flora and Aisha with watching over Madelyne as she, Tecna and Stella will continue taking care of the dogs.

In another part of the city, Madelyne and her parents make it to the Concert Hall with Musa, Flora and Aisha following closely behind.

WOW9 (Musa and Madelyn)

Musa trying to cheer Madelyne up.

Inside the Hall, Madelyne waits around, humming in a chair as she clicks her ankles together, until she is interrupted by a voice commenting on how sad she looks. Looking off to her right, Musa approaches the young girl, introduces herself and asks if something is wrong. Madelyne simply looks down and shrugs, so Musa points out how she is also a fellow musician and has been playing for her whole life ever since she was as young as Madelyne. Brightening up just a bit, Madelyne asks if Musa liked playing and Musa claims that she enjoyed it when she could play the music she loved. This seems to make Madelyne feel worse until Musa asks her what she loves and what her "dream music" is. Madelyne claims that it definitely does not come from the piano but feels like she cannot stop because her parents tell her that it is an important instrument and they always seem so happy when she plays. Their conversation is then cut short by a man's voice announcing Madelyne's name to the audience, so Madelyn leaves Musa behind feeling as sad as she did when she left home. However, something suddenly rises up from within Madelyne and she runs off in the other direction, refusing to go on-stage. Musa calls out to Madelyne and she, Flora and Aisha give chase to keep her safe, but once the three of them round the corner Madelyne ran down, she is nowhere to be found! Musa then tasks Flora and Aisha with following the young girl as she claims that she will be the one to "keep her dream alive." Whipping out her Winxwatch, Musa calls Lorelei and asks how quickly she can get to the Concert Hall because they would want her to play for them. Musa then gets on-stage to inform the audience that they will be having a brief intermission before a performance from a surprise guest.

Aisha and Flora make it to the outside of the Hall and still cannot find Madelyne anywhere like she vanished into thin air. The two of them are then met by Lorelei as she proclaims that today will be the day where the talent scout becomes the talent for the show. Musa runs out to the front of the Concert Hall and tells Lorelei to hurry inside as the audience is waiting for her, prompting Lorelei to run inside excitedly.

WOW9 (Musa and the Pick)

Musa finds the guitar pick.

Meanwhile, Bloom, Stella and Tecna are still watching the pugs enjoy themselves until Musa, Flora and Aisha regroup with them and Musa informs them of Madelyn's disappearance. Tecna asks Musa why she believes that the Shaman has not kidnapped her yet and, after a brief moment, Musa claims that she can still feel Madelyn's aura and that she is not too far from them no less. The Winx decide to investigate but not without having a bit of fun doing it, too.

After their little detective montage, Musa digs through the pocket of a suit and pulls out a small blue guitar pick. She then kneels down and holds the pick in the pugs' faces, asking them to find Madelyn for them. The four pug pups quickly pick up the scent and run off further into the yard, leading the girls to a large treehouse.

WOW9 (Madelyn's Treehouse)

A treehouse?

Musa manages to climb inside the treehouse and spots Madelyne playing on a pink guitar with headphones on and a more happy and content look on her face. She approaches the young player and asks if rock and roll is her "dream music." Surprised, Madelyne asks how Musa knew that as she removes her headphones and Musa reveals that it was because of her guitar pick—the one James has been keeping. Madelyne then reveals that James is the only one who has heard her play the guitar and, after taking the pick, makes Musa the second one to hear it. After a short performance, Musa claims that it is due time for the rest of the world to meet "Rock n' Roll Madelyne." Madelyne is initially shocked by Musa's proposal but quickly smiles at the thought, showing her agreement with the idea.

Back at the Concert Hall, Lorelei erratically plays the piano and makes quite a scene, causing many of the audience members to laugh. On the other hand, Ace is mortified by the performance and orders one of his assistants to cut to a commercial but, unfortunately, all of them were already run during this whole mess. A man's voice calls out from behind Lorelei to tell her that she is finished but Lorelei feels like she has only just started and continues to play.

Meanwhile, Madelyne and the Winx arrive backstage as Musa gives Madelyne one final pep talk: to let Madelyne show everyone who she really is. The young guitarist takes a few deep breaths and runs off to the direction of the stage until golden dust begins to rain down onto her. Suddenly, a rock drops in front of Madelyne and quickly engulfs her in a puff of red smoke just as Musa recognizes the golden dust. Bloom orders for everyone to look for the Shaman before it is too late and the six of them run further backstage, where the Shaman makes himself appear on the level above them.

WOW9 (Shaman with Madelyn)

The Shaman has Madelyn!

Aisha is quick to spot the Shaman with an unconscious Madelyne and the Shaman uses one of his magical stones to create multiple images of himself carrying the young girl. Bloom then claims that this is a moment for their Dreamix powers and the six of them promptly transform as they form a ring to cover each other's backs.

Aisha proposes that they all attack each Shaman copy as there are now six Shamans in the area—the same as them—but Tecna believes that the Shaman is purposely trying to divide them and proposes that they stick together. Stella does not agree as she believes that doing so will only give the Shaman a chance to attack them all in one blow, all as the six Shamans close in on the Winx. That is when Musa flies upwards and tries to knock down one of the Shamans with a sound blast, only for that Shaman to evade it.
WOW9 (Bloom Surrounded)

Two Shamans surrounding Bloom.

Each of the Shamans begin to pelt the Winx with their magic stones, which either hit the floor or are deflected by the Winx protecting themselves. That is until two of the Shamans' stones manage to cause an explosion so powerful that it knocks Bloom out of the air and onto the floor, defenseless. Just as the two Shamans prepare to strike Bloom again, Musa focuses her magic and sends out magical vibrations that disrupt the Shaman's illusions, allowing her to find the real Shaman and Madelyn.

After figuring out where the real Shaman is, Musa rushes towards him and knocks him down with a blast of sound, causing him to drop Madelyne. Fortunately, Musa catches Madelyne and the Shaman retaliates by launching a stone directly at Musa. The Winx look on in horror, fearing that one of them may have been struck down, but luckily, Musa was able to block the stone and its blast with a sound shield.

WOW9 (Protective Musa)

Musa protecting herself and Madelyn.

Once the dust settles, Musa looks the Shaman straight in the eye and asks if he has ever listened to "the silence" before striking him down with a focused magic blast. With the Shaman critically wounded, his copies disappear and the Winx surround Musa and praise her. The Shaman tries to get up to continue the fight but a portal suddenly opens from behind and sucks him in against his wishes.

A short while later, Madelyne wakes up with no recollection of what happened before she was knocked out. Stella claims that she simply fainted, possibly due to stagefright or excitement, and Bloom assures her that everything is fine. Madelyne then asks if it is her turn now and Musa stops her to hand her the guitar and wish her well. Madelyne smiles in response and rushes off.

On-stage, Lorelei is finally pushed away from the piano and backstage. With her out of the way, the announcer is able to announce Madelyne's performance and Madelyne steps on-stage to play the piano but in a different attire. After a bit of the piano, Madelyne pulls out her guitar and belts out a quick riff. At first, Madelyne fears that the audience will be displeased with her performance but she is quickly proven wrong by how they erupt into applause. Madelyne then happily looks behind her to see the Winx applauding as well with Musa giving her two thumbs up. She looks to her side and sees James happy to see her playing what she truly enjoys, only for him to be tackled to the floor by her pet pugs.

WOW9 (Acceptance)

Madelyne embracing her mother as her parents continue to accept her for following her dreams.

Meanwhile, on the WOW set, Madelyn is shown to have received enough positive votes to move her into the finals.

A short while later, Madelyne meets the Winx backstage to properly thank Musa for everything she has done. As a keepsake, Madelyne gives Musa her guitar pick, which she happily receives, and Musa points out that someone came backstage to see her. Madelyne turns around to find her parents smiling as they wait for her and she excitedly runs towards them. Her mother picks her up and embraces her as Madelyne thanks the two of them for still accepting her dreams.

WOW9 (Tinker Bell's Debut)

The Queen confronting the Shaman.

In the World of Dreams, Shaman stands alone in a clearing as many shadows swirl around him and pool together just in front of him, creating the Queen of the World of Dreams. The Queen calls the Shaman out on his latest failure but the Shaman claims that he almost had the talent she requested but she pulled him back too quickly. The Queen dismisses this by claiming that time was up and points out that the Shaman was only able to complete half of his job as he did bring her the Kung Fu talent. As a reward, the Queen decides to show him only half of her mercy and allows him to stay in the World of Dreams, but under one condition. She then calls the Crocodile Man over and has him take the Shaman's magic stones, making him lose his magic. To clarify, the Shaman has been downgraded and the Queen calls forth her warriors from the shadows, tasking them to dispose of the Winx once and for all.

Major Events

  • The battle between the Winx and the Shaman continues.
  • The Winx manage to defeat and capture the Shaman.
  • The Winx interrogate the Shaman and learn that the Queen of the World of Dreams is the Talent Thief.
  • The Queen contacts the Shaman through his shadow and learns that a man named "Jim" stole the Shaman's Magic Watch.
  • The Queen tasks the Shaman with kidnapping another talent by tomorrow; the same talent that the Winx will be drawn to.
  • The Winx and Lorelei travel to London in search of a talented young musician.
  • Lorelei headlines an episode of WOW by herself as the Winx look for Madelyn.
  • The Winx split up to keep track of Madelyne and her dogs to keep cover.
  • Madelyne runs off just before her performance, causing Lorelei to cover for her and the Winx as they look for her.
  • Musa learns of Madelyne's true passion.
  • The Shaman kidnaps Madelyne just before her performance and he and the Winx do battle yet again.
  • Musa defeats the Shaman and rescues Madelyne.
  • Madelyne's performance is well received and she moves on to become the next WOW finalist.
  • The Shaman is stripped of his magic as the Queen tasks a group of warriors with destroying the Winx.





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  • Some scenes during the fight between the Winx and the Shaman are reused from the last episode. These scenes would include:
    • Bloom neutralizing three of the Shaman's magical stones with a ring of fire.
    • The Shaman's magical stones slicing nearby trees as they are thrown at Stella.
    • Stella casting a shield of light to deflect the magic stones.
  • This is the only instance where Aisha uses her Morphix this season.
  • Unlike all of the other Dreamix Visions that the Winx have experienced before, the one in this episode is much longer, as they all see a brief moment of Madelyne's homelife as well as a succession of images.
  • In the English version, the Winx speak with a British accent when they were in London acting out a Sherlock Holmes parody scene.


  • The Netflix synopsis refers to "Madelyne" as "Madelyn".
  • In some scenes, Aisha's flower is missing in her Dreamix form.
  • While questioning the Shaman, Flora's handbag seems appear then disappear in several scenes.
  • While Stella is talking with Lorelei, Stella's handbag seems appear and then disappear in the next scene when she turns around.


Have you ever listened to the silence?
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