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The Watchmaker is the twelfth episode of the first season of World of Winx.


At the Watchmaker's castle, the Queen's pirate monsters attack Bloom, Jim and the detectives, while the Winx discover what Silke's true talent is.


Still surrounded by the Zombie Pirates, Bloom and Jim wait to see who will make the first move. It turns out that one of the Zombie Pirates is the first to make a move as it swings its rope-like limbs at Jim, which he is able to dodge by back flipping behind Bloom. Jim then asks the Zombie Pirates when they started taking orders from the mysterious man, to which the man claims that they started ever since Jim betrayed them. Jim insists that he has always been faithful to their cause but the mystery man refuses to believe him as his Zombie Pirates continue to close Jim and Bloom in until they are standing back-to-back. The man then places his hand on the ground, conjuring up a familiar octopus-shaped symbol just under Bloom and Jim's feet as the ground shakes. Bloom proposes that they get out of the way and the two of them leap onto some spires sticking out of the Watchmaker's Tower as a teal-colored explosion blows out from the symbol and onto the Zombie Pirates.

Seeing that the two are gone, the mystery man and his Zombie Pirates look around in a daze until Jim reveals his location by demanding to know what the mystery man has been promised; what the Queen plans to reward him with. The man does not answer Jim and simply orders for one of the Pirates to attack, which it does so and manages to grab hold of Jim's right arm. Bloom assists Jim by using her fire magic to unravel the Zombie Pirate's rope-like appendage and Jim thanks her. Bloom gives a thumbs up in response and watches her opponents, believing that she will be able to hold out without having to transform and reveal herself.

Jim continues trying to convince the mystery man.

Jim continues on with the mystery man, insisting that they can defeat the Queen and free the World of Dreams if they work together, but it seems as though his words are not getting through as the Zombie Pirates continue to attack and he is forced to evade them all by leaping to other parts of the Tower and its surroundings. Frustrated, the mystery man orders his Zombie Pirates to capture both Jim and Bloom according to the Queen's demands. And so, the Zombie Pirates begin to target Bloom as well, forcing her to leap to other parts of the Tower to evade capture.

The two of them are able to evade their attacks for a while until the Watchmaker tries to stop everything by shouting. Unfortunately, this tips off the mystery man to his presence and the Watchmaker begins to shout for them all to go away. Instead, the mystery man places another one of his octopus symbols onto the door of the Tower, causing the Watchmaker to flee further inside, but once the symbol detonates, the door remains intact.

The Watchmaker locking down his Tower.

From inside the Tower, the Watchmaker begins activating all of the locks to keep himself safe. This causes old oak bars to lock the door shut from the inside, making it so no one will be able to enter, and so the Watchmaker retreats farther into his Tower.

Elsewhere, Evans and Gómez arrive at a wooden bridge and run across it without showing any signs of stopping... That is until Gómez stops to catch his breath and to talk to Evans, but Evans simply shushes him. Gómez then looks up and sees a tower where a battle seems to be taking place so Evans signals for him to keep going. The two of them run behind a pile of rocks and look on at the battle going on in front of the tower. Evans is in total disbelief as to what is going on and declares that the situation has spiraled out of their control thanks to the supernatural monsters in the area, however, when she turns around, Gómez is gone! It turns out that Gómez tried to use that as a cue to finally leave but he is pulled back in by Evans, who insists that they need to analyze the scene in more depth as their case has only started to get interesting. As the two of them continue on closer to the tower, Gómez makes a disgruntled claim over how he will never be able to understand women detectives.

Soon enough, the two of them split off near the entrance and hide just across from each other. Once in position though, Gómez hears laughing nearby and tells Evans that if she wants to be a hero, she should not laugh as it is too excessive. Unfortunately for him, that was nowhere close to Evans' laugh and it turns out that one of the Zombie Pirates caught sight of him! Startled, Gómez falls onto the ground as he tries to step back and the Zombie Pirate leaps down to capture him with his rope-like limbs. Evans calls out to Gómez but gives away her position and ends up being captured alongside him.

Meanwhile, in his trailer, Ace screams into his phone wanting to know if the Winx have lost their minds as he has never seen a talent as klutzy as Silke and points out that she got 100% negative feedback from the televoting. Stella takes all of this to mean that Ace is doing well until Ace declares that Wow! will be put on hiatus until the finals are scheduled to air. Stella tries to get answers out of Ace, surprised by his decision, but he simply tells her to call in the finalists and to make sure not to forget any of them.

Back at the Watchmaker's Tower, the fight between them and the Zombie Pirates has left Bloom and Jim to escape to the very top of the Tower. The frustrated mystery man tells his Zombie Pirates not to let him down, prompting all five of them to start scaling the Tower to get to them. The pair begin to realize the disadvantage they have as Jim points out that the Zombie Pirates turned out being stronger and faster than they had originally thought and, as the two of them anxiously await the next round of attacks, Bloom realizes that she will need to call in the Winx for back up.

The Winx continue to stand around in Switzerland still confused as to what their next move should be now that WOW's been put on hiatus. Stella claims that they wasted too much time with Silke and insists that she just is not talented, however, Flora reminds her that the shadow monsters still wanted to kidnap her and refuses to believe that it was just coincidental. Aisha believes that this means Silke has a talent that is not snowboarding but their deliberation is cut short by Silke approaching them and apologizing for ruining their show. That is when Stella's Winxwatch begins beeping as it is receiving Bloom's distress call, however, when Stella picks up, Bloom is barely audible as there is too much static. In that moment, Silke snatches the Winxwatch from Stella in taps it a few times until she claims that it should work now. Just as she had said, Bloom's voice is audible to all of them as she desperately pleads for back up now that a tower is under attack. She is cut short by something that causes her to scream and the call cuts out, causing Stella to snatch her Winxwatch back and frantically try to get a response out of Bloom.

"Bloom, if you've got any more tricks up your sleeve, now's the time to use them!"

As it turns out, the Zombie Pirates are beginning to close in quickly on Bloom and Jim. They are running out of places to run and stamina to run with, so once they land on another unoccupied ledge, Jim pleads for Bloom to pull out any remaining tricks she may have. And so, with no other options, Bloom goes into her Dreamix, revealing her fairy identity to everyone in the area.

Once completely transformed, Bloom flies into the air to overlook the entire situation. She then notices a Zombie Pirate near the entrance of the Tower holding down Evans and Gómez and fires down at it with a fire blast, causing it to release the two detectives. However, being in her fairy form does not stop the Zombie Pirates from attacking, though, now that she can fly, Bloom has an easier time evading their rope limbs.

Now freed, Evans rushes over to Gómez's side to check if he is okay. Gómez confirms that he is but insists that the fairy currently fighting is not.

Bloom struggling to break free from the ropes.

The mystery man orders the Zombie Pirates to capture Bloom now that he knows she is a fairy, insisting that the Queen would be even happier with this bit of news, so the four of them decide to focus their attacks on her. Bloom insists that they will never be able to catch her, but she must now evade the rope limbs of four Zombie Pirates. She is able to keep dodging for a while but, eventually, one of the Pirates manages to grab hold of her left arm. She uses her fire magic to unravel the limb and tries to fly away, only to be caught by her left ankle next and forced back down. Another Zombie Pirate catches hold of her right arm and the two others follow suit, grabbing hold of her remaining limbs. As Bloom struggles to break free, the mysterious man looks on with a sinister grin. Unbeknownst to him, though, Jim is sneaking just behind him as he begins to gloat.

Bloom continues to struggle free of the rope limbs but is constantly dragged farther down towards the ground by her captors. As she continues to be lowered, the mystery man advises her to not worry about Annabelle anymore as she will be seeing her very soon, shocking Bloom.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Switzerland, Stella is still struggling to get Bloom to answer her Winxwatch. Musa is insistent on hurrying to Bloom's side as her last words during the distress call were that a Tower was under attack. Tecna deduces at the Tower in question is the Watchmaker's Tower and this catches Silke's interest as she begins to worry for her uncle, Werner. Shocked, Aisha asks if the Watchmaker is really Silke's uncle and Silke confirms this, even adding that she was also his apprentice for many years. Aisha then realizes that this explains what Silke's true talent is, watchmaking and repairs, but Silke only laments on the fact that no one likes her and she wished to become a snowboarding champion to change all that. Aisha tells Silke that she cannot try to be someone she is not and insists that she should make the most of her natural talents. Silke begins to perk up and Flora claims that they need Silke's talent now to save their friend and asks if Silke can bring them to her uncle. Silke happily obliges and tells the Winx to follow her.

Jim in hiding.

Back at the Tower, Bloom is finally lowered onto the ground as the mystery man approaches her. Jim remains hidden in the ice crystals behind the man and Bloom demands to know why the Queen is doing all of this. The man simply states that Bloom will be able to find all of that out for herself soon enough and insists that the Queen loves talking to her new victims. Bloom takes notice of Jim in his hiding place and Jim signals for her to stay quiet as he makes his move. He quickly rushes behind and leaps at the man's back but, just as he is about to land a kick, the fifth Zombie Pirate returns and snags his leg, further binding down his arms to keep him restrained. With both of them now captured, the mystery man laughs and calls Jim predictable, but Bloom insists that he is not alone as she focuses her magic one more time. The man does not seem fazed and even taunts Bloom, but Bloom warns for him not to try her as she believes she is capable of anything. To test this, the man lays down another octopus symbol just below him, this one much bigger than all the others, and explains that the Watchmaker's Tower and everyone around it will explode if she hits it.

Bloom fighting back the effects of the gold dust.

Just then, golden dust swirls around Bloom and almost knocks her unconscious. The Zombie Pirates release their binds on Bloom now that she is stuck fighting off sleep as the mystery man laughs and taunts her. Eventually, Bloom can barely keep her eyes open as the man opens up a portal with his own Magic Watch and claims that the both of them will be going on a trip alone into the World of Dreams. As he reaches out to drag her, Bloom's eyes finally close shut as she finally falls asleep.

In another part of the Swiss Alps, Silke and the Winx are trekking through the various mountains. Stella asks Silke why she cannot just call her uncle on the phone and Silke reveals that her uncle does not have a mobile line. Stella asks if this means he does not have a smartphone and Silke confirms that he does not. Neither does he have a tablet or even a TV. In usual Stella fashion, she claims that she may end up fainting after hearing all of this on top of having to trek up a mountain to meet him.

Later, the girls come across a wooden bridge where Musa notices a strange, octopus-shaped symbol just before them. Silke insists that they need to hurry if they wish to save their friend and her uncle but she stomps on top of the symbol, causing it to explode and send her plummeting into the pit below. With no other choice, Flora focuses her magic to create magical vines that catch Silke and bring her back up to where they are safely. Flora then uses the vines to create a new bridge across to the Tower and helps Silke up once she is done.

Evans and Gómez filling the Winx in on what happened.

It does not take long for them to reach the base of the Watchmaker's Tower where Silke begins to question who the Winx really are. Before telling her anything, Flora has Silke promise that she can keep a secret. Once the group makes it to the front door of the Tower, Aisha warns Silke about how they cannot go around telling everyone that they are fairies. At least she would have except she is spoken over by Evans who comes out of a corner with Gómez and reveals that they know now that the Winx are fairies just like Bloom. Stella makes an offhanded joke about their secret no longer being secret only to be quickly overtaken by Flora, wanting to know if the detectives know what happened to Bloom. That is when Evans reveals that she and a guy named Jim were captured and Gómez goes on to explain that the pair was ambushed. Musa asks if they know who their friend's captors looked like and, after a brief bit of shock, Gómez boils their appearances down to looking like zombie pirates.

Musa finding a Magic Watch yet again.

The Winx quickly recognize Gómez's description and suspect that they were the same Zombie Pirates that attacked them yesterday. As Gómez continues to explain that they all disappeared through a type of portal, Musa notices something shining just under the snow and grabs it, asking if the men who took their friend used a Watch to open the portal much like the one she found. The detectives immediately recognize the Watch and Gómez guesses that it must have fallen off of their friend's person as she was being taken away. That is when Musa reveals that watches much like the one she holds have the ability to open a passageway into the World of Dreams, but the detectives are just taken aback by everything that is going on. Aisha then jumps at the chance to use the Watch now that they have it but, when Musa opens the lid and shows it to the Winx, they find that it is broken. Luckily, they have an expert watch repair woman on their side this time, though, Silke insists that the damage looks complicated. Stella asks if this makes it more complicated than their Winxwatches, but Silke is not ready to give up yet and proposes that they see her uncle as he may know what to do. Unfortunately, as Gómez later points out, the Watchmaker barricaded himself within his Tower during the fight from earlier. Silke laments on the fact that her uncle never accepted the fact that she was passionate about snowboarding but he has always managed to trust her, and she pulls out a key to prove it.

Silke with a spare key to the Tower!

Soon enough, Silke lifts all of the barricades from the insider with her spare key and lets everyone in. Once they are all inside, Gómez shuts the door behind them as Silke leads everyone farther in.

As they are all entering the second room, it shakes for a quick moment and Silke begins to scold herself for it. She reveals that the Tower's defense mechanisms have activated and explains that said mechanism is made out of a complex system of gears and pulleys. Musa asks if it works like an entire theft device, which Silke confirms and explains that her uncle may have activated it as a method of protection.

The group inches closer to a control mechanism at the far end of the room as Silke tries to warn them to be careful where they step, though, unfortunately, Stella steps on a trigger before she can finish her warning. Just then, a large pendulum swings from the wall across from them and Aisha manages to push Stella out of the way before it can hit her. Silke then rushes to the control mechanism and works all of the various levers and buttons in an attempt to shut off the defenses. She insists that she needs a few more seconds but more and more traps begin to activate, making it harder for the Winx and detectives to avoid. Musa asks if Tecna would be able to help Silke bypass the system but Tecna is also helpless in this situation as the Watchmaker's system is mechanical, not digital. The group continues to dodge trap after trap, but Gómez gets caught behind the bars of one of them, getting himself trapped. Evans insists that they need to keep the gears from moving so Aisha uses her magic to take one of the bars from Gómez's small prison and bends it into a pointed U-shape. With it, Musa uses her powers to throw the bent bar into the gears but it is not enough as the bar snaps easily under the weight of the gears. Realizing that she needs to end this now, Silke looks around the controls to see if she had missed one and finds a lever she had not pulled yet. She then pulls down the lever and is able to stop the gears, which effectively stops all of the traps in turn. Aisha thanks Silke on a job well down when she reenters the room, but Silke insists that it is all thanks to what her uncle taught her. Just then, a man's voice from above claims that this is the first time Silke has ever paid him a compliment and the Watchmaker descends from a large pulley to meet the group.

Ecstatic, Silke hugs her Uncle Werner and makes sure that he is alright. He insists that he is but is surprised at all of the people Silke let inside. Silke assures him that everything is fine as they are all her friends but the Watchmaker stubbornly insists that he lives where he lives because he likes being alone. That is when Evans and Gómez approach the elderly man and Evans introduces the two of them as she explains that they are on a rather special investigation. Gómez assures him that they will not be taking up too much of his time and Tecna approaches the Watchmaker, claiming that it is important that he fix their broken Watch. However, the Watchmaker still does not understand. Gómez, Stella and Aisha then explain that the Watch opens a portal into another world, a world full of talented kids like Silke who are being held prisoner and must be saved. With this, the Watchmaker takes another look at the broken Watch as Tecna explains that the hand on the clock moves counterclockwise when the Watch is functional.

After some more glances, Stella asks if the Watchmaker can fix it and, unfortunately, he does not think it will be possible as the Watch is not mechanical. Refusing to let it end here, Silke reminds the Watchmaker that he told her that every broken watch can be fixed and takes the broken Watch to try and fix it herself. Laying the Watch on a workbench, Silke lists off the things she knows about it: that it was built backwards, has one hand instead of two and moves counterclockwise. She then comes to a realization that the only way to fix the Watch is to do it in reverse and does just that as she claims that just because something looks different does not make it inherently wrong. With just a bit of tinkering, Silke is able to make the hand move again!

She fixed it!

Silke hands the fixed Watch back to Tecna who praises her for her amazing talent. Aisha then tells Silke that it is thanks to her that they will be able to go into the World of Dreams and save their friend and all the trapped talents. The Watchmaker also comments on how talented Silke is and tells her that he is so proud of her. Silke insists that it is all because she learned from a real master and wishes the Winx luck on their journey.

Now, with a functioning Watch in their hands, Tecna uses it to open up a portal into the World of Dreams and the six of them enter it as the Watchmaker, Silke and the detectives watch on in awe. Just before leaving, Flora waves Silke goodbye.

Major Events

  • Bloom and Jim face off against the mystery man and his small army of Zombie Pirates.
  • Evans and Gómez find the Watchmaker's Castle and spy on the fight going on outside of it.
  • Wow! is put on hiatus until the finals.
  • The Winx continue trying to figure out what Silke's true talent is.
  • Silke fixes Stella's Winxwatch with ease and the Winx receive Bloom's distress call.
  • Bloom transforms in front of everyone around the Tower, revealing her secret identity as a fairy.
  • The Winx find out that Silke is the Watchmaker's niece and apprentice, meaning that her true talent is watchmaking and repairs.
  • Bloom is subdued and taken into the World of Dreams.
  • Silke leads the Winx to the Watchmaker's Castle and the Winx reveal their true identities to her.
  • Evans and Gómez reveal to the Winx that Bloom and Jim were captured by strange men.
  • The Winx recover the broken Magic Watch.
  • Silke, the Winx and the detectives make it past the defenses of the Watchmaker's Tower and meet the Watchmaker in person.
  • Silke successfully repairs the Magic Watch!
  • With a working Watch in their hands, the Winx finally enter the World of Dreams.




Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters

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Theme Songs

Transformation Songs



  • Just like in "The Shaman" and "Shadows on the Snow," Bloom breaks the fourth wall in the beginning of the episode.
  • This marks the second time where Bloom transforms alone with the first time being towards the end of "The Chef Contest."
    • This also marks the final appearance of Bloom's Dreamix transformation.
    • This marks the final hearing of the Dreamix song.


  • Tecna and Stella's eyebrows go missing in some scenes.
  • After Bloom rescues Gómez and Evans from a Zombie Pirate, the accessories in her hair flash from blue to lime green just before she is attacked by another Zombie Pirate. This continues to happen during her fight with the Zombie Pirates.
  • Flora's hair has repeated mishaps with her hair. The most common is that some of her hair and parts of it are shaded a lighter color.
    • And a good portion of it goes missing when Silke reveals the Watchmaker is her Uncle.
  • As Evans and Gómez fill the Winx in on what happened to Bloom and Jim, the outlines for Tecna's eyes are missing.


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