Jim's Revenge is the eleventh episode of the second season of World of Winx.


As the Winx band deals with an onstage earthquake, Jim, Matt and the pirate army try to beat back the shadow monsters and breach the Queen's wall.


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Major Events

  • Matt, Jim, Tiger Lily, the Crocodile Man, Alligator Man and the Pirates combat Tinkerbell's shadows outside of her lair.
  • Stella creates clone stand-ins for herself and the Winx to keep the audience distracted while they try to solve the mystery of the collapsing stadium.
  • As the Winx solve their stadium problem, Venomya steps on-stage.
  • Tinkerbell and the Shaman suspect that the hero of legend has returned so Tinkerbell calls upon all of her dark forces to destroy him.
  • The Winx successfully put a stop to Venomya's sabotage and rush to Neverland to answer the Spirit of the World of Dreams's call.
  • Matt disposes of Tinkerbell's strongest monster, further fulfilling the prophecy.
  • Tinkerbell and Matt finally meet again face to face.
  • Tinkerbell relinquishes her status as Queen of the World of Dreams.
  • Jim refuses to forgive Tinkerbell and declares himself the new King of the World of Dreams.
  • The Winx and Matt side with Tinkerbell, wishing to give her a second chance, so Jim brands them all as traitors.




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  • This marks the final appearance and hearing of the Onyrix transformation and song.


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