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World of Winx Season 1 (2 DVD) is the DVD release for the first season of World of Winx. The disc was released on September 14, 2017, and it features the full complete Season 1 Italian dub.


The Winx returns to Gardenia, Bloom's hometown, where they begin to work as talent discoverers, in a talent show called WOW. In fact their purpose is to save the kids from all over the world, from a mysterious thief of talents who should be Jim. The six fairies have to hide their true identity and their magic powers. In this spin-off, Winx gets a new transformation, called Dreamix.

Featured Episodes


  1. The Talent Thief
  2. New Powers
  3. The Legend of the Crocodile Man
  4. The Monster under the City
  5. Stylist Wanted
  6. The Fashion Week


  1. The Chef Contest
  2. The Shaman
  3. Shattered Dreams
  4. Dangerous Waters
  5. Shadows on the Snow
  6. The Watchmaker
  7. The Fall of the Queen

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