The Yaffles are a species of Fairy Animal which appear in Season 7.


The Yaffles are bird-like creatures that sense threats to Fairy Animals. Roxy uses them for this purpose throughout Season 7.


Yaffles are small colorful birds with a lock of hair on each individual's head that stays in shape of a droplet. They have ring-shaped highlights on their chests and wings, and wave-shaped highlights on their droplet-shaped locks of hair. Their tails are long and divided into three smaller tails. They have long straight small beaks in orange color and a small pair of feet that matches the color of the beaks.


Season 7

In "Adventure on Lynphea", when Roxy got to know that Fairy Animal with the Ultimate Power has the First Color of the Magic Universe, she suggested that it could be any endangered Fairy Animal. So, she used Yaffles to sense which Fairy Animal is in danger. Then, the Yaffles sensed a kind of danger on Linphea where the Magiwolves are battling a mysterious threat so the Winx decide to go to Linphea to solve the threat that plagues the Magiwolves.

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Magical Abilities

The Yaffles have a strong sense of danger and they immediately get to know that which animal species is in danger. This ability transcends time and space as they have been shown to detect Fairy Animals in danger from many different planets and time periods.


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