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Yerka is a character exclusive to the Winx Club Comic Series. He is a member of the Fortress of Light Council who greatly supports his fellow Councilman, Givelian, in his plans. Yerka makes his debut alongside Givelian in Issue 29: Magic Tournament and he is one of the few recurring characters within the comics.


Yerka is a very short old man with round facial features, standing no taller than Givelian's waist at most. He has light grey hair, though, it all forms on his long beard as he is now bald.

He's often seen in long red robes that flow past his thighs with sleeves that barely go past his wrist. He wears a gold pendant which can be seen just under his beard in some cases, matching red pants and shoes.

In Issue 35, Yerka wears a more regal-looking robe or cape over his usual attire. It is a lighter shade of red and is adorned with fluff along the edges.


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  • As stated by Givelian himself in Issue 29, he is the youngest councilman within the Fortress of Light Council at 142-years-old. This would make Yerka much older than Givelian, however, Givelian still seems to possess some form of superior authority over him.
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