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Lord Yoshinoya is a wealthy man who kidnapped Diaspro and wants to take control of Eraklyon, he made his only appearance in "Battle on Planet Eraklyon".


Yoshinoya has gray hair, black eyes and a pudgy figure. and wears a gray and yellow Kimono.


Cruel, demanding, greedy and hungry for power, Yoshinoya is not above threatening and endangering people for his selfish desires.


Yoshinoya's lust for the Eraklyon's throne had always been present since Brandon and Sky were children. His ongoing threat eventually endangered the crown prince's life and was the reason Sky and Brandon switched places.


Season 2


Yoshinoya learn that the Patchamen had successfully kidnapped Diaspro.

In "Battle on Planet Eraklyon", he had kidnapped Princess Diaspro and left a ransom note for the King and Queen of Eraklyon; the princess would be safely returned if the ransom is paid. He had tricked the Patchamen into kidnapping Diaspro under the pretense of "keeping her safe from Prince Sky". This plot was written on a scroll and kept in his office.

When his own group of ninjas returned to inform him of the Patchamen's successful kidnapping, he was escatic and ordered his ninjas to tell the Patchamen to guard her until the ransom is paid. He cackles evilly as he believes he will soon have the royal throne.

WCEp214 (2)

Erendor shows Yoshinoiya's ransom note.

Upon receiving his ransom note, King Eredor and Queen Samara calls for their son and his squire. When they arrive, with Flora, Bloom, Chatta, Lockette, and Zing, they show them the ransom note. Brandon notes that the amount Yoshinoya is demanding will cause a harsh recession and thereby starving their citizens.

Yoshinoya, unfortunately for him, does not receive the throne as Sky and his friends were able to rescue Diaspro and dispel the Patchamen by showing them the deed he had written.


  • Yoshinoya is shown to have lots of traditional Japanese traits such as being of oriental appearance, wearing Japanese-inspired clothing and Yoshinoya (吉野家) being a common Japanese surname.
  • Yoshinoya is the name of a Japanese chain of fast-food.
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