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Zing is the Pixie of Bugs and the PopPixie of Insects. She can shapeshift into many different characters and creatures.


Zing is very hyper. Her personality can change depending on what character she is cosplaying. She is very loving toward Glim.


Winx Club

Zing wears a cream fluffy scarf around her neck. She wears a bee like coat with cream fluff on the end of the sleeves, yellow shorts and black boots. She wears a pair of yellow goggles with a pair of antennas connected to it. She has light salmon skin, short bob haircut, purple hair and bright purple wings.


Zing's PopPixie Civilian Outfit remains unchanged. However, Zing's gender seems to have been changed into male. Making her the third Pixie whose gender was changed in PopPixie. The other three being Livy, Jolly and Digit for unknown reasons.

Zing wears a dark blue and sky blue themed attire with a shirt, pants, and boots. A yellow tie-like piece and yellow cuffs on his wrist, along with a yellow and light blue crown-tiara like piece on his head. His wings are blue with small bits of purple resembling a dragonfly.


Winx Club




Zing y una Pixie 3D

Zing and other Pixie 3D



Zing's MagicPop

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