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Zulema is presented as a [[Cloud Tower]] freshman in the beginning of [[Season 6]], alongside the [[Witch|witch]]es and keeper of the [[Legendarium]], [[Selina]].
Zulema is presented as a [[Cloud Tower]] freshman in the beginning of [[Season 6]], alongside the [[Witch|witches]] and keeper of the [[Legendarium]], [[Selina]].
===Season 6===
===Season 6===
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[[Category:Season 6 (Winx Club)]]

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Zulema is a witch who attends Cloud Tower.


Her hair is wavy, deep purple with violet tones tied in braids, with olive green extensions in her hair holding up two large side ponytails. She blue eyes, a tan complexion, and purple lips.

The witch outfit is a cherry-purple collared dress with a gray/black steed covering hips and chest, and gray cowboy boots that go just below her knees.


Like most witches, Zulema harbors negative opinions of fairies, taking every opportunity offered to fight them. She seems to have a hunger for power as she was willing to possibly forsake her own life in one episode in exchange for a chance to acquire more. She has a high sense of self-pride.


Zulema is presented as a Cloud Tower freshman in the beginning of Season 6, alongside the witches and keeper of the Legendarium, Selina.

Season 6

Zulema is seen amongst many Cloud Tower freshmen as Griffin introduces them to the rest of the witches. She is present when Selina showcases the Legendarium’s abilities. Her last appearance in this episode is when the Trix take over Cloud Tower and when she originally looks worried, the promise of world domination by the witches prompts her to join in the chant of approval with the rest of the witches. She leaves with the rest of the witches when they are dismissed to their rooms.

In "The Flying School", She is seen at Linphea College, with the rest of the freshmen witches.

In "Bloomix Power", She is seen at Linphea College, she is seen retreating with the other freshmen witches.

In "The Music Cafe", She goes though the Mirrors of Melstrum and is successfully coming out fine, with having a cocky expression on her face.

In "The Anthem", She is one of the witches to attack Alfea and the Winx.

In "Legendary Duel", She is sent once again to Alfea to attack the Winx.

In "Winx Forever", She is seen at Cloud Tower having to redo the entrance exam, gasping and looking annoyed.

Magical Abilities

Like all witches, her powers are derived from the negative aspects of magic. Zulema may know some basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Like all witches, she can fly. She can shoot dark purple beams out of her hands. Her magic is dark purple in color. When she's empowered by the Trix, she has invisibility and intangibility.  


  • Zulema’s name is never mentioned or said in the series.
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