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Zumbo is an old adventurer/inventor and is the former leader of the Elves. He is the grandfather of Rex.


Zumbo is an elderly, pale skinned elf with grey eyes. He is balding with grey spiky hair on the sides of his head. He wears goggles for protection while driving or working on his chopper, a purple bandana around his neck which he sometimes use to cover his face, a green leather jacket, a purple belt, a blue jeans and purple motorcycle boots.


Despite of his old age, Zumbo sometimes acts like a real child. He likes to embarrass his grandson in front of his friends and is always in the mood for childish and bad jokes. He has a brilliant mind for perfidious plans, swindling and technology. He built his own chopper called "Mosquito", which has the ability to transform into a hot air balloon. Zumbo sometimes thinks that Rex is not ready for the task as the leader of the Elves. Rex hates his grandfather and he would rather get rid of him. Zumbo enjoys it when he sees that Rex is angry at him.

Magical Abilities

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Zumbo does not use his magical abilities very much. In combat with his enemies, he mostly uses self-made gadgets.


  • According to the family photos of Zumbo, Rex was as a pacifist child with a terrible haircut.
  • Zumbo only appears in the PopPixie comics.
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